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Mat. Sb., 2014, Volume 205, Number 7, Pages 43–72 (Mi msb8286)  

This article is cited in 18 scientific papers (total in 18 papers)

Umov-Mandelshtam radiation conditions in elastic periodic waveguides

S. A. Nazarovab

a Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg
b St. Petersburg State University, Department of Mathematics and Mechanics

Abstract: We study settings of the problem of elasticity theory on wave propagation in an elastic periodic waveguide with radiation conditions at infinity. We present a mathematical theory for energy radiation conditions based on Mandelshtam's energy principle and the Umov-Poynting vector, as well as using the technique of weighted spaces with detached asymptotics and the energy transfer symplectic form. We establish that in a threshold situation, that is, when standing and polynomial elastic Floquet waves appear, the well-known limiting absorption principle, in contrast to the energy principle that is being applied, cannot identify the direction of the wave's motion.
Bibliography: 37 titles.

Keywords: elastic periodic waveguide, Mandelshtam's energy radiation condition, Umov-Poynting vector, energy transfer symplectic form.

Funding Agency Grant Number
Russian Foundation for Basic Research 12-01-00348


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English version:
Sbornik: Mathematics, 2014, 205:7, 953–982

Bibliographic databases:

UDC: 517.956.8+517.956.227+539.3(3)
MSC: Primary 35Q74; Secondary 74B05
Received: 26.09.2013 and 13.02.2014

Citation: S. A. Nazarov, “Umov-Mandelshtam radiation conditions in elastic periodic waveguides”, Mat. Sb., 205:7 (2014), 43–72; Sb. Math., 205:7 (2014), 953–982

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by S.~A.~Nazarov
\paper Umov-Mandelshtam radiation conditions in elastic periodic waveguides
\jour Mat. Sb.
\yr 2014
\vol 205
\issue 7
\pages 43--72
\jour Sb. Math.
\yr 2014
\vol 205
\issue 7
\pages 953--982

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