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Mat. Sb., 2015, Volume 206, Number 6, Pages 15–48 (Mi msb8381)  

This article is cited in 11 scientific papers (total in 11 papers)

Scattering anomalies in a resonator above the thresholds of the continuous spectrum

S. A. Nazarovabc

a Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University
b Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg
c St. Petersburg State University, Department of Mathematics and Mechanics

Abstract: We consider the Dirichlet spectral problem for the Laplace operator in a multi-dimensional domain with a cylindrical outlet to infinity, a Helmholtz resonator. Using asymptotic analysis of the scattering matrix we demonstrate different types of reflection of high-amplitude near-threshold waves. One scattering type or another, unstable or stable with respect to variations of the resonator shapes, is determined by the presence or absence of stabilizing solutions at the threshold frequency, respectively. In a waveguide with two cylindrical outlets to infinity, we discover the effect of almost complete passage of the wave under ‘fine tuning’ of the resonator.
Bibliography: 26 titles.

Keywords: Helmholtz resonator, scattering problem, thresholds of continuous spectrum, waves at near-threshold frequencies, almost complete reflection and passage.

Funding Agency Grant Number
Russian Foundation for Basic Research 15-01-02175
This research was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (grant no. 15-01-02175).


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English version:
Sbornik: Mathematics, 2015, 206:6, 782–813

Bibliographic databases:

UDC: 517.958:535.4+517.956.8
MSC: Primary 35P25; Secondary 35B20, 35B34, 35B40, 35J05
Received: 28.04.2014

Citation: S. A. Nazarov, “Scattering anomalies in a resonator above the thresholds of the continuous spectrum”, Mat. Sb., 206:6 (2015), 15–48; Sb. Math., 206:6 (2015), 782–813

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by S.~A.~Nazarov
\paper Scattering anomalies in a~resonator above~the~thresholds of the continuous spectrum
\jour Mat. Sb.
\yr 2015
\vol 206
\issue 6
\pages 15--48
\jour Sb. Math.
\yr 2015
\vol 206
\issue 6
\pages 782--813

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