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Mat. Sb., 1994, Volume 185, Number 8, Pages 81–102 (Mi msb919)  

This article is cited in 28 scientific papers (total in 28 papers)

On approximation by families of linear polynomial operators in $l_P$-spaces, $0<p<1$

K. V. Runovskii

T. H. Shevchenko Chernihiv State Pedagogical Institute

Abstract: New applications are given for a method of approximation by families of linear polynomial operators in $L_p$-spaces with $0<p<1$ that was developed by the author in previous papers. In particular, a direct theorem and an inverse theorem on approximation 'by angle' of trigonometric polynomials are proved in the case of higher-order moduli of smoothness.

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English version:
Russian Academy of Sciences. Sbornik. Mathematics, 1995, 82:2, 441–459

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UDC: 517.51
MSC: Primary 41A10, 41A27, 41A63, 42A10; Secondary 41A50, 42B99
Received: 27.09.1993

Citation: K. V. Runovskii, “On approximation by families of linear polynomial operators in $l_P$-spaces, $0<p<1$”, Mat. Sb., 185:8 (1994), 81–102; Russian Acad. Sci. Sb. Math., 82:2 (1995), 441–459

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by K.~V.~Runovskii
\paper On approximation by families of linear polynomial operators in $l_P$-spaces, $0<p<1$
\jour Mat. Sb.
\yr 1994
\vol 185
\issue 8
\pages 81--102
\jour Russian Acad. Sci. Sb. Math.
\yr 1995
\vol 82
\issue 2
\pages 441--459

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