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Trudy Mat. Inst. Steklov., 1986, Volume 175, Pages 178–216 (Mi tm2141)  

This article is cited in 15 scientific papers (total in 15 papers)

The theory of blast wave propagation

L. I. Sedov, V. P. Korobeinikov, V. V. Markov

Full text: PDF file (5283 kB)

English version:
Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics, 1988, 175, 187–228

Bibliographic databases:
UDC: 534.222.2

Citation: L. I. Sedov, V. P. Korobeinikov, V. V. Markov, “The theory of blast wave propagation”, Theoretical and mathematical physics, Collection of survey papers 3. On the 50th anniversary of the Institute, Trudy Mat. Inst. Steklov., 175, 1986, 178–216; Proc. Steklov Inst. Math., 175 (1988), 187–228

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by L.~I.~Sedov, V.~P.~Korobeinikov, V.~V.~Markov
\paper The theory of blast wave propagation
\inbook Theoretical and mathematical physics
\bookinfo Collection of survey papers~3. On the 50th anniversary of the Institute
\serial Trudy Mat. Inst. Steklov.
\yr 1986
\vol 175
\pages 178--216
\jour Proc. Steklov Inst. Math.
\yr 1988
\vol 175
\pages 187--228

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