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Trudy Mat. Inst. Steklova, 2018, Volume 301, Pages 33–47 (Mi tm3904)  

This article is cited in 4 scientific papers (total in 4 papers)

On quantum dynamics on $C^*$-algebras

I. V. Volovicha, V. Zh. Sakbaevb

a Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, ul. Gubkina 8, Moscow, 119991 Russia
b Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), Institutskii per. 9, Dolgoprudnyi, Moscow oblast, 141701 Russia

Abstract: We consider the problem of constructing quantum dynamics for symmetric Hamiltonian operators that have no self-adjoint extensions. For an earlier studied model, it was found that an elliptic self-adjoint regularization of a symmetric Hamiltonian operator allows one to construct quantum dynamics for vector states on certain $C^*$-subalgebras of the algebra of bounded operators in a Hilbert space. In the present study, we prove that one can extend the dynamics to arbitrary states on these $C^*$-subalgebras while preserving the continuity and convexity. We show that the obtained extension of the dynamics of the set of states on $C^*$-subalgebras is the limit of a sequence of regularized dynamics under removal of the elliptic regularization. We also analyze the properties of the limit dynamics of the set of states on the $C^*$-subalgebras.

Funding Agency Grant Number
Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation 5-100
The second author was supported by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology within the Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100.


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English version:
Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics, 2018, 301, 25–38

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UDC: 517.98
Received: September 26, 2017

Citation: I. V. Volovich, V. Zh. Sakbaev, “On quantum dynamics on $C^*$-algebras”, Complex analysis, mathematical physics, and applications, Collected papers, Trudy Mat. Inst. Steklova, 301, MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica, Moscow, 2018, 33–47; Proc. Steklov Inst. Math., 301 (2018), 25–38

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by I.~V.~Volovich, V.~Zh.~Sakbaev
\paper On quantum dynamics on $C^*$-algebras
\inbook Complex analysis, mathematical physics, and applications
\bookinfo Collected papers
\serial Trudy Mat. Inst. Steklova
\yr 2018
\vol 301
\pages 33--47
\publ MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica
\publaddr Moscow
\jour Proc. Steklov Inst. Math.
\yr 2018
\vol 301
\pages 25--38

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