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Trudy Mat. Inst. Steklova, 1997, Volume 219, Pages 27–31 (Mi tm604)  

This article is cited in 11 scientific papers (total in 11 papers)

Disposition of Points on a Sphere with Minimum of Energy

N. N. Andreev

Full text: PDF file (477 kB)

English version:
Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics, 1997, 219, 20–24

Bibliographic databases:
UDC: 517.5
Received in June 1997

Citation: N. N. Andreev, “Disposition of Points on a Sphere with Minimum of Energy”, Approximation theory. Harmonic analysis, Collection of papers dedicated to the memory of Professor Sergei Borisovich Stechkin, Trudy Mat. Inst. Steklova, 219, Nauka, MAIK Nauka, M., 1997, 27–31; Proc. Steklov Inst. Math., 219 (1997), 20–24

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by N.~N.~Andreev
\paper Disposition of Points on a~Sphere with Minimum of Energy
\inbook Approximation theory. Harmonic analysis
\bookinfo Collection of papers dedicated to the memory of Professor Sergei Borisovich Stechkin
\serial Trudy Mat. Inst. Steklova
\yr 1997
\vol 219
\pages 27--31
\publ Nauka, MAIK Nauka
\publaddr M.
\jour Proc. Steklov Inst. Math.
\yr 1997
\vol 219
\pages 20--24

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