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TMF, 2004, Volume 141, Number 3, Pages 358–374 (Mi tmf129)  

This article is cited in 26 scientific papers (total in 26 papers)

Genus-One Correction to Multicut Matrix Model Solutions

L. O. Chekhov

Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences

Abstract: We calculate genus-one corrections to the Hermitian one-matrix model solution with an arbitrary number of cuts based on the loop equation, confirming the answer previously obtained from algebro-geometric considerations and generalizing it to the case of arbitrary potentials.

Keywords: loop equation, genus expansion, hyperelliptic geometry


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English version:
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, 2004, 141:3, 1640–1653

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Document Type: Article
Received: 01.04.2004

Citation: L. O. Chekhov, “Genus-One Correction to Multicut Matrix Model Solutions”, TMF, 141:3 (2004), 358–374; Theoret. and Math. Phys., 141:3 (2004), 1640–1653

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by L.~O.~Chekhov
\paper Genus-One Correction to Multicut Matrix Model Solutions
\jour TMF
\yr 2004
\vol 141
\issue 3
\pages 358--374
\jour Theoret. and Math. Phys.
\yr 2004
\vol 141
\issue 3
\pages 1640--1653

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