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TMF, 1993, Volume 95, Number 2, Pages 317–340 (Mi tmf1470)  

This article is cited in 14 scientific papers (total in 14 papers)

On the continuum limit of the conformal matrix models

A. D. Mironov, S. Z. Pakulyak

Abstract: The double scaling limit of a new class of the multi-matrix models proposed in [1], which possess the $W$-symmetry at the discrete level, is investigated in details. These models are demonstrated to fall into the same universality class as the standard multi-matrix models. In particular, the transformation of the $W$-algebra at the discrete level into the continuum one of the paper [2] is proposed, the corresponding partition functions being compared. All calculations are demonstrated in full in the first non-trivial case of $W^{(3)}$-constraints.

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English version:
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, 1993, 95:2, 604–625

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Citation: A. D. Mironov, S. Z. Pakulyak, “On the continuum limit of the conformal matrix models”, TMF, 95:2 (1993), 317–340; Theoret. and Math. Phys., 95:2 (1993), 604–625

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by A.~D.~Mironov, S.~Z.~Pakulyak
\paper On the continuum limit of the conformal matrix models
\jour TMF
\yr 1993
\vol 95
\issue 2
\pages 317--340
\jour Theoret. and Math. Phys.
\yr 1993
\vol 95
\issue 2
\pages 604--625

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