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TMF, 2000, Volume 124, Number 1, Pages 62–71 (Mi tmf626)  

This article is cited in 29 scientific papers (total in 29 papers)

Multicomponent generalization of the hierarchy of the Landau–Lifshitz equation

I. Z. Golubchika, V. V. Sokolovb

a Bashkir State Pedagogical University
b Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Centre for Non-linear Studies

Abstract: We construct a second-order $2N$-component integrable system (with arbitrary $N$) whose spectral parameter lies on a curve of genus $g=1+(N-3)2^{N-2}$. The odd-order flows admit $N$-component reductions, which for $N=3$ coincide with the odd-order flows of the hierarchy of the Landau–Lifshitz equation.


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English version:
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, 2000, 124:1, 909–917

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Received: 31.01.2000

Citation: I. Z. Golubchik, V. V. Sokolov, “Multicomponent generalization of the hierarchy of the Landau–Lifshitz equation”, TMF, 124:1 (2000), 62–71; Theoret. and Math. Phys., 124:1 (2000), 909–917

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by I.~Z.~Golubchik, V.~V.~Sokolov
\paper Multicomponent generalization of the hierarchy of the Landau--Lifshitz equation
\jour TMF
\yr 2000
\vol 124
\issue 1
\pages 62--71
\jour Theoret. and Math. Phys.
\yr 2000
\vol 124
\issue 1
\pages 909--917

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