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Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen., 1998, Volume 43, Issue 3, Pages 456–475 (Mi tvp1554)  

This article is cited in 9 scientific papers (total in 9 papers)

Cramer large deviations when the extreme conjugate distribution is heavy-tailed

A. V. Nagaev

Nikolaus Copernicus University

Abstract: The classical large deviations problem is considered under the assumption that the unilateral Cramer condition holds on a bounded interval. We assume that the extreme conjugate distribution is from the domain of attraction of a stable law. A limit is established up to which the asymptotic Cramer–Petrov representation is valid.

Keywords: conjugate distribution, slowly varying function, monotone $\varepsilon$-approximation.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.4213/tvp1554

Full text: PDF file (747 kB)

English version:
Theory of Probability and its Applications, 1999, 43:3, 405–421

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Received: 05.11.1996

Citation: A. V. Nagaev, “Cramer large deviations when the extreme conjugate distribution is heavy-tailed”, Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen., 43:3 (1998), 456–475; Theory Probab. Appl., 43:3 (1999), 405–421

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by A.~V.~Nagaev
\paper Cramer large deviations when the extreme conjugate distribution is heavy-tailed
\jour Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen.
\yr 1998
\vol 43
\issue 3
\pages 456--475
\jour Theory Probab. Appl.
\yr 1999
\vol 43
\issue 3
\pages 405--421

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  • http://mi.mathnet.ru/eng/tvp1554
  • https://doi.org/10.4213/tvp1554
  • http://mi.mathnet.ru/eng/tvp/v43/i3/p456

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