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Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen., 2005, Volume 50, Issue 1, Pages 27–51 (Mi tvp157)  

This article is cited in 6 scientific papers (total in 6 papers)

Nonlinear transformations of convex measures

V. I. Bogachev, A. V. Kolesnikov

M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics

Abstract: Given a uniformly convex measure $\mu$ on $R^\infty$ that is equivalent to its translation to the vector $(1,0,0,\ldots)$ and a probability measure $\nu$ that is absolutely continuous with respect to $\mu$, we show that there is a Borel mapping $T=(T_k)_{k=1}^\infty$ of $R^\infty$ transforming $\mu$ into $\nu$ and having the form $T(x)=x+F(x)$, where $F$ has values in $l^2$. Moreover, if $\mu$ is a product-measure, then $T$ can be chosen triangular in the sense that each component $T_k$ is a function of $x_1,…,x_k$. In addition, for any uniformly convex measure $\mu$ on $R^\infty$ and any probability measure $\nu$ with finite entropy $\textrm{ent}_\mu(\nu)$ with respect to $\mu$, the canonical triangular mapping $T=I+F$ transforming $\mu$ into $\nu$ satisfies the inequality $\|F\|_{L^2(\mu,l^2)}^2\le C(\mu)\textrm{ent}_\mu (\nu)$. Several inverse assertions are proved. Our results apply, in particular, to the standard Gaussian product-measure. As an application we obtain a new sufficient condition for the absolute continuity of a nonlinear image of a convex measure and the membership of the corresponding Radon–Nikodym derivative in the class $L\log L$.

Keywords: convex measure, Gaussian measure, product-measure, Cameron–Martin space, absolute continuity, triangular mapping.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.4213/tvp157

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English version:
Theory of Probability and its Applications, 2006, 50:1, 34–52

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Received: 01.07.2004

Citation: V. I. Bogachev, A. V. Kolesnikov, “Nonlinear transformations of convex measures”, Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen., 50:1 (2005), 27–51; Theory Probab. Appl., 50:1 (2006), 34–52

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by V.~I.~Bogachev, A.~V.~Kolesnikov
\paper Nonlinear transformations of convex measures
\jour Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen.
\yr 2005
\vol 50
\issue 1
\pages 27--51
\jour Theory Probab. Appl.
\yr 2006
\vol 50
\issue 1
\pages 34--52

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  • http://mi.mathnet.ru/eng/tvp157
  • https://doi.org/10.4213/tvp157
  • http://mi.mathnet.ru/eng/tvp/v50/i1/p27

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