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Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen.:

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Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen., 1996, Volume 41, Issue 4, Pages 810–826 (Mi tvp3203)  

This article is cited in 15 scientific papers (total in 15 papers)

Martingales, Tauberian theorem, and strategies of gambling

A. A. Novikov

Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences

Abstract: Using the Tauberian theorem, we get an asymptotic relation between the tail of the distribution of the quadratic characteristic of a martingale and the expectation of its terminal value. In case of continuous martingales the following result is proven: if $\tau $ is a stopping time for a standard Wiener process Wt with integrable terminal value $W_\tau $, then
\begin{equation} \liminf_{t\rightarrow \infty}(\mathbb P\{\tau >t\}\sqrt{t}) \ge \sqrt{\frac 2\pi }|\mathbb E W_\tau | . \end{equation}
Using a related result for discrete time martingales, we study asymptotic characteristics of some strategies of gambling and, in particular, Oscar's strategy.

Keywords: optimal stopping, local martingales, Wald equation, uniform integrability, sharp inequalities, gambling strategies, boundary crossing problem.


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English version:
Theory of Probability and its Applications, 1997, 41:4, 716–729

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Received: 08.04.1996

Citation: A. A. Novikov, “Martingales, Tauberian theorem, and strategies of gambling”, Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen., 41:4 (1996), 810–826; Theory Probab. Appl., 41:4 (1997), 716–729

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by A.~A.~Novikov
\paper Martingales, Tauberian theorem, and strategies of gambling
\jour Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen.
\yr 1996
\vol 41
\issue 4
\pages 810--826
\jour Theory Probab. Appl.
\yr 1997
\vol 41
\issue 4
\pages 716--729

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