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Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen.:

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Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen., 1972, Volume 17, Issue 4, Pages 679–694 (Mi tvp4341)  

This article is cited in 18 scientific papers (total in 18 papers)

Mappings of a finite set with limitations on contours and height

V. N. Sachkov


Abstract: Mappings $\sigma\in\mathfrak{S}^h_n(A)$ of a finite set $\mathfrak{A}$ of $n$ elements into itself are considered under the conditions that the orders of the contours of corresponding graphs $\Gamma (\mathfrak{A},\sigma)$ are elements of a set $A$ and the trees $\Gamma(\mathfrak{A},\sigma)$ have the height not exceeding $h$. The generating functions of different characteristics of such mappings as well as the exact and asymptotic number of such mappings as $n\to\infty$ are found. For the uniform distributions on $\mathfrak{S}^h_n(A)$ with $A$ finite and $n\to\infty$ the distributions of the number of cyclic elements and components in a random mapping are proved to be asymptotically normal. It is shown that the number of free trees in a random forest with the numbers of vertices in trees which are elements of a finite sequence $A$ and the number of cycles in a random solution of the equation $X^d=E$ in the symmetrical group $S_n$ are also asymptotically normal.

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English version:
Theory of Probability and its Applications, 1973, 17:4, 640–656

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Received: 24.12.1970

Citation: V. N. Sachkov, “Mappings of a finite set with limitations on contours and height”, Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen., 17:4 (1972), 679–694; Theory Probab. Appl., 17:4 (1973), 640–656

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by V.~N.~Sachkov
\paper Mappings of a finite set with limitations on contours and height
\jour Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen.
\yr 1972
\vol 17
\issue 4
\pages 679--694
\jour Theory Probab. Appl.
\yr 1973
\vol 17
\issue 4
\pages 640--656

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