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Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen., 1967, Volume 12, Issue 4, Pages 635–654 (Mi tvp751)  

This article is cited in 34 scientific papers (total in 34 papers)

Boundary problems for random walks and large deviations in functional spaces

A. A. Borovkov


Abstract: Asymptotic properties (in the region of large deviations) of the logarithmic probability that the sample paths of a random walk generated by sums of independent addends or by a Poisson process belong to a given open set in $C(0,1)$ or $D(0,1)$ are under consideration.

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English version:
Theory of Probability and its Applications, 1967, 12:4, 575–595

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Received: 11.06.1966

Citation: A. A. Borovkov, “Boundary problems for random walks and large deviations in functional spaces”, Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen., 12:4 (1967), 635–654; Theory Probab. Appl., 12:4 (1967), 575–595

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\by A.~A.~Borovkov
\paper Boundary problems for random walks and large deviations in functional spaces
\jour Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen.
\yr 1967
\vol 12
\issue 4
\pages 635--654
\jour Theory Probab. Appl.
\yr 1967
\vol 12
\issue 4
\pages 575--595

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