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TVT, 2013, Volume 51, Issue 5, Pages 755–763 (Mi tvt138)  

This article is cited in 5 scientific papers (total in 5 papers)

Heat and Mass Transfer and Physical Gasdynamics

Experimental and numerical simulation of the flow in a driving module with an annular and linear double-slot nozzle

V. A. Levinab, N. E. Afoninaab, V. G. Gromovab, I. S. Manuilovichab, V. V. Markovab, G. D. Smekhovab, A. N. Khmelevskiiab

a Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Moscow, Russia
b Scientific Research Institute of Mechanics, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

Abstract: This paper presents the results of numerical and experimental studies of the flow and comparison of propulsion performance characteristics of a model of a jet engine exhaust system equipped with an annular or (equivalent in gas consumption) linear double-slot nozzle with an inner cavity and circular segment deflector in the axial section. Calculations performed for the annular nozzle and double-slot nozzle corresponding to it in geometric parameters demonstrate that a flow similar to the flow in nozzles with a central body is formed in the exhaust system. According to the data obtained, the initial turn of the flow takes place in the oblique shock wave. In the double-slot nozzle, the final turn of the flow in the direction of the thrust vector occurs in a configuration of four shock waves positioned downwards in the flow; in the annular nozzle, it is in the intense barrel shock wave. It was established that the exhaust system with an annular of the linear doubleslot nozzle develops a thrust and specific impulse that exceed the corresponding values for the sonic nozzle equivalent in gas consumption by almost a factor of 2.

Funding Agency Grant Number
Russian Foundation for Basic Research 11-01-00068-а
Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation НШ-5911.2012.1
Russian Academy of Sciences - Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations

DOI: https://doi.org/10.7868/S0040364413050141

Full text: PDF file (825 kB)
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English version:
High Temperature, 2013, 51:5, 681–689

Bibliographic databases:

UDC: 533.697+544.452+519.63
Received: 26.07.2012

Citation: V. A. Levin, N. E. Afonina, V. G. Gromov, I. S. Manuilovich, V. V. Markov, G. D. Smekhov, A. N. Khmelevskii, “Experimental and numerical simulation of the flow in a driving module with an annular and linear double-slot nozzle”, TVT, 51:5 (2013), 755–763; High Temperature, 51:5 (2013), 681–689

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by V.~A.~Levin, N.~E.~Afonina, V.~G.~Gromov, I.~S.~Manuilovich, V.~V.~Markov, G.~D.~Smekhov, A.~N.~Khmelevskii
\paper Experimental and numerical simulation of the flow in a driving module with an annular and linear double-slot nozzle
\jour TVT
\yr 2013
\vol 51
\issue 5
\pages 755--763
\jour High Temperature
\yr 2013
\vol 51
\issue 5
\pages 681--689

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