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TVT, 2005, Volume 43, Issue 5, Pages 745–758 (Mi tvt1423)  

This article is cited in 6 scientific papers (total in 6 papers)

Heat and Mass Transfer and Physical Gasdynamics

Numerical Simulation of Unsteady-State Heat Transfer under Conditions of Laminar Transverse Flow past a Circular Cylinder

S. A. Isaeva, A. I. Leont'evb, N. A. Kudryavtseva, T. A. Baranovac, D. A. Lysenkoc

a Civil Aviation Academy, Saint-Petersburg
b Bauman Moscow State Technical University
c Institute for Heat and Mass Transfer named after A. V. Lykov, Belarus Academy of Sciences, Minsk

Abstract: Two-dimensional Navier-Stokes and energy equations are used to perform a numerical calculation of the parameters of unsteady-state flow and heat transfer under conditions of laminar transverse flow of a viscous incompressible fluid past a circular cylinder and at $Re = 140$. The process of formation of Karman vortex street is treated, as well as the cyclic heating of the near and far wakes behind the heated cylinder. Special attention is given to analysis of the behavior of the integral characteristics of flow and heat transfer, and the distributions of pressure, friction and heat-transfer coefficients on the cylinder surface, as well as to correlations of the parameters of flow and temperature at selected points in the vicinity of the cylinder. Evaluation is made of the effect of the factor of unsteadiness on the increment of power and heat loads in the process of flow past the cylinder.

Full text: PDF file (2456 kB)

English version:
High Temperature, 2005, 43:5, 746–759

UDC: 532.517.2:621.1.016.4
Received: 02.11.2004

Citation: S. A. Isaev, A. I. Leont'ev, N. A. Kudryavtsev, T. A. Baranova, D. A. Lysenko, “Numerical Simulation of Unsteady-State Heat Transfer under Conditions of Laminar Transverse Flow past a Circular Cylinder”, TVT, 43:5 (2005), 745–758; High Temperature, 43:5 (2005), 746–759

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by S.~A.~Isaev, A.~I.~Leont'ev, N.~A.~Kudryavtsev, T.~A.~Baranova, D.~A.~Lysenko
\paper Numerical Simulation of Unsteady-State Heat Transfer under Conditions of Laminar Transverse Flow past a Circular Cylinder
\jour TVT
\yr 2005
\vol 43
\issue 5
\pages 745--758
\jour High Temperature
\yr 2005
\vol 43
\issue 5
\pages 746--759

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