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TVT, 2012, Volume 50, Issue 4, Pages 533–537 (Mi tvt365)  

This article is cited in 23 scientific papers (total in 23 papers)

Heat and Mass Transfer and Physical Gasdynamics

Method of impact on free nonstationary air vortices

A. Yu. Varaksin, M. E. Romash, V. N. Kopeitsev, M. A. Gorbachev

Joint Institute for High Temperatures, Russian Academy of Sciences, Izhorskaya ul. 13, bld. 2, Moscow, 125412, Russia

Abstract: The investigation results of the effect of vertical net obstacles on the dynamics of nonstationary air vortices generated under laboratory conditions above a heated underlying surface are presented. A generalization of the data obtained for the influence of the net obstacles of various geometries on the model of free vortices of various intensities has been performed.

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English version:
High Temperature, 2012, 50:4, 496–500

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UDC: 532.529
Received: 10.10.2011

Citation: A. Yu. Varaksin, M. E. Romash, V. N. Kopeitsev, M. A. Gorbachev, “Method of impact on free nonstationary air vortices”, TVT, 50:4 (2012), 533–537; High Temperature, 50:4 (2012), 496–500

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by A.~Yu.~Varaksin, M.~E.~Romash, V.~N.~Kopeitsev, M.~A.~Gorbachev
\paper Method of impact on free nonstationary air vortices
\jour TVT
\yr 2012
\vol 50
\issue 4
\pages 533--537
\jour High Temperature
\yr 2012
\vol 50
\issue 4
\pages 496--500

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