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TVT, 2015, Volume 53, Issue 4, Pages 579–584 (Mi tvt5552)  

This article is cited in 7 scientific papers (total in 7 papers)

Heat and Mass Transfer and Physical Gasdynamics

Localization of thermal disturbances in nonlinear anisotropic media with absorption

V. F. Formalev, E. L. Kuznetsova, L. N. Rabinskii

Moscow Aviation Institute (State University of Aerospace Technologies)

Abstract: Temperature fields and heat fluxes under the action of a pulsed point thermal-energy source are studied based on the analytical solution found for the first time to the problem of heat transfer in the anisotropic space with absorption, the characteristics of which depend on temperature. It is found that the heat transfer is of the wave type and the thermal-wave fronts have the shape of ellipses in a plane. Thermal energy sinks are taken into account, and thermal disturbances are localized inside an ellipse even as time tends to infinity. The results confirm the hypothesis of the localization of fronts of thermal disturbances and heat fluxes in heat-shield composites during their phase transformations under conditions of aero-gas-dynamic heating.


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English version:
High Temperature, 2015, 53:4, 548–553

Bibliographic databases:

UDC: 536.21; 27.35; 25
Received: 24.11.2014

Citation: V. F. Formalev, E. L. Kuznetsova, L. N. Rabinskii, “Localization of thermal disturbances in nonlinear anisotropic media with absorption”, TVT, 53:4 (2015), 579–584; High Temperature, 53:4 (2015), 548–553

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by V.~F.~Formalev, E.~L.~Kuznetsova, L.~N.~Rabinskii
\paper Localization of thermal disturbances in nonlinear anisotropic media with absorption
\jour TVT
\yr 2015
\vol 53
\issue 4
\pages 579--584
\jour High Temperature
\yr 2015
\vol 53
\issue 4
\pages 548--553

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