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TVT, 2010, Volume 48, Issue 2, Pages 234–240 (Mi tvt714)  

This article is cited in 7 scientific papers (total in 7 papers)

Heat and Mass Transfer and Physical Gasdynamics

Initiation of detonation waves in channels of variable cross section filled with liquid with combustible gas bubbles

S. A. Lepikhina, M. N. Galimzyanovb, I. K. Gimaltdinovc

a Birsk State Socio-Pedagogical Academy
b Institute of Mechanics, Ufa Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences
c Sterlitamak State Pedagogical Academy

Abstract: Special features are investigated of the initiation of detonation waves in chemically active bubble media located in channels of variable cross section. It is found that, depending on the initial volume content of combustible mixture, the detonation in convergent channels may proceed with the emergence of one or two detonation solitons. The possibility of the emergence of a stable detonation wave upon reflection from the channel bottom is demonstrated in channels with closed bottom. Also demonstrated is the possibility of initiation of detonation upon reflection of the wave from the region of “pure” liquid. Depending on the amplitude of initiating wave and of the initial volume content of bubbles, a map of solutions is constructed which illustrates the modes of the process of detonation in the considered channels.

Full text: PDF file (505 kB)

English version:
High Temperature, 2010, 48:2, 215–221

Bibliographic databases:

UDC: 532.595.2
PACS: 47.40.Rs
Received: 05.11.2008

Citation: S. A. Lepikhin, M. N. Galimzyanov, I. K. Gimaltdinov, “Initiation of detonation waves in channels of variable cross section filled with liquid with combustible gas bubbles”, TVT, 48:2 (2010), 234–240; High Temperature, 48:2 (2010), 215–221

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by S.~A.~Lepikhin, M.~N.~Galimzyanov, I.~K.~Gimaltdinov
\paper Initiation of detonation waves in channels of variable cross section filled with liquid with combustible gas bubbles
\jour TVT
\yr 2010
\vol 48
\issue 2
\pages 234--240
\jour High Temperature
\yr 2010
\vol 48
\issue 2
\pages 215--221

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