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Ufimsk. Mat. Zh., 2012, Volume 4, Issue 2, Pages 127–135 (Mi ufa153)  

This article is cited in 10 scientific papers (total in 10 papers)

The “quantum” linearization of the Painlevé equations as a component of theier $L,A$ pairs

B. I. Suleimanov

Institute of Mathematics with Computing Centre, Ufa Science Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ufa, Russia

Abstract: The procedure of the “quantum” linearization of the Hamiltonian ordinary differential equations with one degree of freedom is investigated. It is offered to be used for the classification of integrable equations of the Painleve type. For the Hamiltonian $H=(p^2+q^2)/2$ and all natural numbers $n$ the new solutions $\Psi(\hbar,t,x,n)$ of the non-stationary Shrödinger equation are constructed. The solutions tend to zero at $x\to\pm\infty$. On curves $x=q_n(\hbar,t)$, defined by the old Bohr–Zommerfeld rule, the solutions satisfy the relation $i\hbar\Psi'_x\equiv p_n(\hbar,t)\Psi$. In this relation $p_n(\hbar,t)=(q_n(\hbar,t))'_t $ is the classical momentum corresponding to the harmonic $q_n(\hbar,t)$.

Keywords: quantization, linearization, non-stationary Schrödinger equation, Painlevé equations, isomonodromi deformations.

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UDC: 517.9
Received: 01.03.2012

Citation: B. I. Suleimanov, “The “quantum” linearization of the Painlevé equations as a component of theier $L,A$ pairs”, Ufimsk. Mat. Zh., 4:2 (2012), 127–135

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by B.~I.~Suleimanov
\paper The ``quantum'' linearization of the Painlev\'e equations as a~component of theier $L,A$ pairs
\jour Ufimsk. Mat. Zh.
\yr 2012
\vol 4
\issue 2
\pages 127--135

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