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UFN, 2010, Volume 180, Number 8, Pages 843–850 (Mi ufn2256)  

This article is cited in 13 scientific papers (total in 13 papers)


Tsunami wave suppression using submarine barriers

A. M. Fridmanabc, L. S. Alperovichc, L. Shemerd, L. A. Pustil'nikc, D. Shtivelmanc, An. G. Marchuke, D. Liberzond

a Russian Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute", Moscow, Russian Federation
b Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation
c Department of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Israel
d School of Mechanical Engineering, Tel Aviv University, Israel
e Institute of computational mathematics and mathematical geophysics SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation

Abstract: Submerged barriers, single or double, can be used to greatly reduce the devastating effect of a tsunami wave according to a research flume study conducted at Tel Aviv University.


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English version:
Physics–Uspekhi, 2010, 53:8, 809–816

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Document Type: Article
PACS: 89.60.Gg, 91.30.Nw, 92.05.Bc, 92.05.Hj, 92.10.hl, 92.10.Hm
Received: December 29, 2009
Revised: April 2, 2010

Citation: A. M. Fridman, L. S. Alperovich, L. Shemer, L. A. Pustil'nik, D. Shtivelman, An. G. Marchuk, D. Liberzon, “Tsunami wave suppression using submarine barriers”, UFN, 180:8 (2010), 843–850; Phys. Usp., 53:8 (2010), 809–816

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by A.~M.~Fridman, L.~S.~Alperovich, L.~Shemer, L.~A.~Pustil'nik, D.~Shtivelman, An.~G.~Marchuk, D.~Liberzon
\paper Tsunami wave suppression using submarine barriers
\jour UFN
\yr 2010
\vol 180
\issue 8
\pages 843--850
\jour Phys. Usp.
\yr 2010
\vol 53
\issue 8
\pages 809--816

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