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UFN, 2009, Volume 179, Number 6, Pages 653–687 (Mi ufn784)  

This article is cited in 94 scientific papers (total in 94 papers)


Extreme states of matter on Earth and in space

V. E. Fortov

Institute of Thermophysics of Extreme States, Joint Institute for High Temperatures, Russian Academy of Sciences

Abstract: Research is reviewed on the behavior of matter under extremely high pressures and temperatures obtainable under laboratory conditions by cumulating energy in matter. Extreme states and processes occurring in matter due to gravitational and thermonuclear energy action are also discussed.


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English version:
Physics–Uspekhi, 2009, 52:6, 615–647

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PACS: 07.35.+k, 29.20.-c, 42.62.-b, 97.60.-s
Received: November 10, 2008

Citation: V. E. Fortov, “Extreme states of matter on Earth and in space”, UFN, 179:6 (2009), 653–687; Phys. Usp., 52:6 (2009), 615–647

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by V.~E.~Fortov
\paper Extreme states of matter on Earth and in space
\jour UFN
\yr 2009
\vol 179
\issue 6
\pages 653--687
\jour Phys. Usp.
\yr 2009
\vol 52
\issue 6
\pages 615--647

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    Special session of the Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk Editorial Board honoring the 90th anniversary of the journal

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