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Vladikavkaz. Mat. Zh., 2015, Volume 17, Number 4, Pages 18–43 (Mi vmj560)  

This article is cited in 22 scientific papers (total in 22 papers)

The problem of determining the multidimensional kernel of viscoelasticity equation

D. Q. Durdieva, Zh. D. Totievabc

a Bukhara State University, Bukhara, Uzbekistan
b Center of Geophysical Investigations of Vladikavkaz Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Government of Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Vladikavkaz, Russia
c North Ossetian State University after Kosta Levanovich Khetagurov, Vladikavkaz, Russia

Abstract: The integro-differential system of viscoelasticity equations is considered. The direct problem of determining of the displacements vector from the initial-boundary problem for this system is formulated. It is assumed that the kernel in the integral part depends on both the time and the space variable $x_2$. For its determination an additional condition relative to the first component of the displacements vector with $x_3=0$ is posed. The inverse problem is replaced by the equivalent system of integral equations. The study is based on the method of scales of Banach spaces of analytic functions. The theorem on local unique solvability of the inverse problem is proved in the class of functions analytic on the variable $x_2$ and continuous on $t$.

Key words: inverse problem, stability, delta function, Lame's coefficients, kernel.

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UDC: 517.958
Received: 09.02.2015

Citation: D. Q. Durdiev, Zh. D. Totieva, “The problem of determining the multidimensional kernel of viscoelasticity equation”, Vladikavkaz. Mat. Zh., 17:4 (2015), 18–43

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by D.~Q.~Durdiev, Zh.~D.~Totieva
\paper The problem of determining the multidimensional kernel of viscoelasticity equation
\jour Vladikavkaz. Mat. Zh.
\yr 2015
\vol 17
\issue 4
\pages 18--43

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