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Vestn. Udmurtsk. Univ. Mat. Mekh. Komp. Nauki, 2013, Issue 2, Pages 65–73 (Mi vuu378)  

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Correlations and instabilities of phase density fluctuations in models of open star clusters

V. M. Danilov, S. I. Putkov

Astronomical observatory, Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Abstract: The investigation of dynamical evolution of 6 open cluster models is carried out on data about phase coordinates of stars received by numerical integration of stellar motion equations. To attain the aim the phase coordinates of stars for 100 equidistant moments of time from the initial $t=0$ to $t_m \simeq 5.1 \tau_{vr}$ ($\tau_{vr}$ is the initial time of cluster violent relaxation), are used. Over the interval of time the rounding-off errors and errors because of exponential growth of initial coordinates perturbations do not affect statistical conclusions about motion behavior of cluster stars. The investigation method is based on calculations of mutual correlation functions $C_{1,2}=C_{1,2}(\tau, r)$ ($\tau$ is the time delay, $r$ is the distance between the points) for phase density fluctuations and application of Fourier transformations of functions $C_{1,2}$ in order to calculate frequency spectra and dispersion relations. The analysis of graphics $C_{1,2}$, frequency spectra and dispersion curves confirms the existence of phase density waves in cluster models, allows to get a complete spectrum of phase density radial oscillations, to separate stable and unstable oscillations, to calculate the periods of phase density oscillations and increments of unstable phase density oscillations. The theoretical estimations of periods of known unstable homological core oscillations of cluster models are confirmed. Pointed out are some astrophysical applications of results received: the origin of irregular structures in open clusters, weak turbulence of cluster star motions.

Keywords: stellar dynamics, phase density, correlations, unstable fluctuations, open star clusters.

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UDC: 524.45-54
MSC: 82C22, 82D10
Received: 17.01.2013

Citation: V. M. Danilov, S. I. Putkov, “Correlations and instabilities of phase density fluctuations in models of open star clusters”, Vestn. Udmurtsk. Univ. Mat. Mekh. Komp. Nauki, 2013, no. 2, 65–73

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by V.~M.~Danilov, S.~I.~Putkov
\paper Correlations and instabilities of phase density fluctuations in models of open star clusters
\jour Vestn. Udmurtsk. Univ. Mat. Mekh. Komp. Nauki
\yr 2013
\issue 2
\pages 65--73

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    This publication is cited in the following articles:
    1. Danilov V.M., Putkov S.I., “Smoothing of Force Functions and the Fluctuation Spectra of an Open Star Cluster Model”, Astrophys. Bull., 69:1 (2014), 27–39  crossref  isi  elib  scopus
    2. Danilov V.M., Putkov S.I., “Wavenumber Spectra of Oscillations of Open Star Cluster Models”, Astrophys. Bull., 70:1 (2015), 71–82  crossref  isi  elib  scopus
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