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Zap. Nauchn. Sem. POMI, 2004, Volume 314, Pages 52–75 (Mi znsl749)  

This article is cited in 13 scientific papers (total in 13 papers)

Some applications of generalized condensers to analytic function theory

V. N. Dubinin, N. V. Eyrikh

Institute of Applied Mathematics, Far-Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Abstract: New applications of generalized condensers with two or more plates are considered. Based on one and the same approach and simplest properties of such condensers, boundary distortion theorems for analytic univalent functions bounded in a disk are established, as well as bounds for certain combinations of coefficients in expansions of such functions, inequalities for polynomials, and theorems on extremal decompositions of the complex sphere. Part of the results obtained contains new information on the Schwarzian derivative of a regular univalent function.

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English version:
Journal of Mathematical Sciences (New York), 2006, 133:6, 1634–1647

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UDC: 517.54
Received: 19.08.2004

Citation: V. N. Dubinin, N. V. Eyrikh, “Some applications of generalized condensers to analytic function theory”, Analytical theory of numbers and theory of functions. Part 20, Zap. Nauchn. Sem. POMI, 314, POMI, St. Petersburg, 2004, 52–75; J. Math. Sci. (N. Y.), 133:6 (2006), 1634–1647

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by V.~N.~Dubinin, N.~V.~Eyrikh
\paper Some applications of generalized condensers to analytic function theory
\inbook Analytical theory of numbers and theory of functions. Part~20
\serial Zap. Nauchn. Sem. POMI
\yr 2004
\vol 314
\pages 52--75
\publ POMI
\publaddr St.~Petersburg
\jour J. Math. Sci. (N. Y.)
\yr 2006
\vol 133
\issue 6
\pages 1634--1647

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