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Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz., 2004, Volume 44, Number 9, Pages 1585–1595 (Mi zvmmf777)  

This article is cited in 25 scientific papers (total in 25 papers)

On the numerical solution of loaded systems of ordinary differential equations

V. M. Abdullaev, K. R. Aĭda-zade

Institute of Cybernetics named after Academician A. Huseynov, National Academy of Sciences of Aserbaijan, Baku

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English version:
Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, 2004, 44:9, 1505–1515

Bibliographic databases:
UDC: 519.622.2
MSC: Primary 65L05; Secondary 34A30
Received: 28.11.2003

Citation: V. M. Abdullaev, K. R. Aǐda-zade, “On the numerical solution of loaded systems of ordinary differential equations”, Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz., 44:9 (2004), 1585–1595; Comput. Math. Math. Phys., 44:9 (2004), 1505–1515

Citation in format AMSBIB
\by V.~M.~Abdullaev, K.~R.~A{\v\i}da-zade
\paper On the numerical solution of loaded systems of ordinary differential equations
\jour Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz.
\yr 2004
\vol 44
\issue 9
\pages 1585--1595
\jour Comput. Math. Math. Phys.
\yr 2004
\vol 44
\issue 9
\pages 1505--1515

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