Conference on Mathematical Methods for Quantum Technologies
(November 2–5, 2020, online, Moscow)

The conference "Mathematical methods in the problems of quantum technologies" is devoted to the discussion of problems in the fundamental areas of mathematical methods of quantum technologies, including quantum information theory, control of open quantum systems, the theory of open quantum systems, quantum cryptography, quantum chaos, quantum adiabaticity, and other areas.

The conference continues the tradition of workshops of the Department of Mathematical Methods of Quantum Technologies of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics, which are held at the Mathematical Institute. V.A. Steklov of the Russian Academy of Sciences since 2017. Web pages of previous seminars:, and

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Financial support. The conference is supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation (the grant to the Steklov International Mathematical Center, agreement no. 075-15-2019-1614).


Organizing Committee
Pechen Alexander Nikolaevich (Chairman)
Ageev Dmitry Sergeevich (Secretary)
Filippov Sergey Nikolaevich

Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
Steklov International Mathematical Center

Conference on Mathematical Methods for Quantum Technologies, Moscow, November 2–5, 2020

November 2, 2020 (Mon)
1. Gaussian maximizers for quantum Gaussian observables and ensembles
A. S. Holevo
November 2, 2020 12:00–12:45, Moscow, online
2. On the role of quantum correlations in the theory of checking whether a string of bits belongs to a given language
G. G. Amosov
November 2, 2020 12:45–13:30, Moscow, online
3. On decoherence and preservation of coherences in solutions of the GKSL equation in the theory of open quantum systems
A. S. Trushechkin
November 2, 2020 13:30–14:15, Moscow, online
4. Maximum likelihood estimation of Markovian embedding for non-Markovian dynamics
S. N. Filippov
November 2, 2020 15:00–15:45, Moscow, online
5. Experimental estimation of quantum state properties from classical shadows
Г. И. Стручалин
November 2, 2020 15:45–16:30, Moscow, online
6. On machine learning for time-minimal control for an open two-level quantum system with coherent and incoherent controls
O. V. Morzhin
November 2, 2020 16:30–17:15, Moscow, online
7. Perturbative and non-perturbative phenomena in Bogolubov - van Hove approach
A. E. Teretenkov
November 2, 2020 17:15–18:00, Moscow, online
8. Selective multi-line excitation of isotopologues with similar quantum spectra as a function of gas flow pressure, temperature, and laser pulse spectrum
K. A. Lyakhov
November 2, 2020 18:00–18:45, Moscow, online

November 3, 2020 (Tue)
9. Does God play dice? Logical inference approach to quantum mechanics
M. I. Katsnel'son
November 3, 2020 12:00–12:45, Moscow, online
10. Quantum speed limit for thermal states
O. V. Lychkovskiy
November 3, 2020 12:45–13:30, Moscow, online
11. Transport through (non)-conformal defect
O. V. Gamayun
November 3, 2020 13:30–14:15, Moscow, online
12. Адиабатичность при конечной температуре
November 3, 2020 15:00–15:45, Moscow, online
13. Об увеличении различимости ансамблей квантовых состояний
D. A. Kronberg
November 3, 2020 15:45–16:30, Moscow, online
14. Псевдостохастические матрицы в квантовой механике
E. O. Kiktenko
November 3, 2020 16:30–17:15, Moscow, online
15. Связь физических и информационных параметров волоконных квантовых каналов в протоколах квантовой информатики с поляризационным кодированием
November 3, 2020 17:15–18:00, Moscow, online
16. How to Make Lead look like Gold: Quantum Tracking Control
D. I. Bondar
November 3, 2020 18:00–18:45, Moscow, online
17. О классической пропускной способности с использование сцепленности квантового измерительного канала
A. A. Kuznetsova
November 3, 2020 18:45–19:30, Moscow, online

November 5, 2020 (Thu)
18. Квантовая информация в пространстве-времени.
I. V. Volovich
November 5, 2020 12:00–12:45, Moscow, online
19. Декогеренция и фрактальные Гамильтонианы
E. I. Zelenov
November 5, 2020 12:45–13:30, Moscow, online
20. Some spectral properties of fractal graphs
November 5, 2020 13:30–14:15, Moscow, online
21. Квантовые процессоры на кудитах
A. K. Fedorov
November 5, 2020 15:00–15:45, Moscow, online
22. Information transfer between two black holes in JT gravity
M. A. Khramtsov
November 5, 2020 15:45–16:30, Moscow, online
23. Практически полное возрождение локальных наблюдаемых в квантовых многочастичных системах
I. V. Ermakov
November 5, 2020 16:30–17:15, Moscow, online
24. О некоммутативных операторных графах соответствующих некоторым квантовым системам
A. Mokeev
November 5, 2020 17:15–18:00, Moscow, online
25. О свойствах графов ошибок бесконечномерных квантовых каналов
V. I. Yashin
November 5, 2020 18:00–18:45, Moscow, online
26. Driving CFT into the world of black holes, deterministic chaos and fractal dimensions
D. S. Ageev
November 5, 2020 18:45–19:30, Moscow, online
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