International Scientific Conference on the Application of Virtual Reality Technologies and Related Information Systems in Interdisciplinary Problems
(December 17–19, 2020, Lomonosov Moscow State University)

This year at the initiative of ANNA Systems and Moscow State University named by Lomonosov (organizers of FIT-M 2020), the main focus of the event will be on the using of computer modeling and related technologies in the practice of scientific basic research. It is planned to invite recognized domestic and foreign scientists, researchers and engineers using modern IT solutions in their research activities. The main component of the Congress will be a methodological analysis of the processes for formulating scientific fundamental problems, their conceptualization through hypotheses and theories, further mathematical modeling of selected theoretical constructions, and translation of models into computer language for the purpose of conducting experiments using computer simulations. The Congress aims to provide working conditions for specialists of various scientific disciplines, as a result of which it will become possible to form an extensive research network, the structure of which will be set up by methodologists in such a way as to identify working applied methodological schemes for applying IT solutions in scientific practice through joint activities.

Specificity: The congress will simultaneously go in three formats on 8 technological tracks.


  • Conference and Round Tables
  • Reactor - a series of intensives, workshops and master classes
  • Hackathon or Technobattle

8 TRACKS IT technology areas for basic research and industrial technology Industries 4.0

  • High performance computing and big data
  • Artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks
  • Computer simulations for science and engineering
  • Digital doubles and digital shadows
  • VR / AR
  • Internet of things
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
For participating in the work of FIT-M 2020, we invite scientists, researchers of different fields of science; engineers, experts and industrial sector specialists; and, of course, innovative IT companies, as well as representatives of state authorities and specialized structures. The main criterion for the selection of reports is the practical use of digital technologies in the practice of scientific research and innovative industrial technologies with an emphasis on methodology, as well as a critical analysis of the entire chain of processes for organizing scientific fundamental and industrial engineering activities using computer technologies.

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