One-day conference dedicated to the memory of academician A. A Gonchar
(December 23, 2015, MIAN, Gubkina, 8, Moscow)

One-day conference dedicated to the memory of academician A. A Gonchar

The conference dedicated to the memory of academician Andrei Aleksandrovich Gonchar will be held in Moscow, in Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences on December 23, 2015.

The conference is organized jointly with traditional winter session MIAN-POMI devoted to the topic "Complex analysis" (December 21–22).

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Organizing Committee
Aptekarev Alexander Ivanovich, KIAM
Chirka Evgenii Mikhailovich, MIAN
Fedorovskiy Konstantin Yurievich, BMSTU
Komlov Aleksandr Vladimirovich, MIAN
Suetin Sergey Pavlovich, MIAN

Abakumov Evgeny Valer'evich, Université Paris-Est
Chen Yang, University of Macau
Dubinin Vladimir Nikolaevich, IAM FEB RAS
Sadykov Timur Mradovich, Plekhanov Russian State University of Economics
Tyaglov Mikhail Yur'evich, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

One-day conference dedicated to the memory of academician A. A Gonchar, Moscow, December 23, 2015

December 23, 2015
1. Symmetrization of condensers and geometrical properties of multivalent functions
V. N. Dubinin
December 23, 2015 11:00–11:55, Moscow, MIAN, Gubkina, 8
V. N. Dubinin
2. Proper holomorphic embeddings, radial approximation, and tropical power series
E. V. Abakumov
December 23, 2015 12:15–13:10, Moscow, MIAN, Gubkina, 8
E. V. Abakumov
3. Topics In Random Matrices
Yang Chen
December 23, 2015 14:40–15:35, Moscow, MIAN, Gubkina, 8
Yang Chen
4. Finite differences as hyperbolicity preservers
M. Yu. Tyaglov
December 23, 2015 15:45–16:40, Moscow, MIAN, Gubkina, 8
M. Yu. Tyaglov
5. Extremal properties of multivariate hypergeometric polynomials
T. M. Sadykov
December 23, 2015 17:05–18:00, Moscow, MIAN, Gubkina, 8
T. M. Sadykov
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