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Current conferences

The all Russian conference "Nonlinear waves 2021", dedicated to 75th anniversary of birth of correspondent member of RAS V.M. Teshukov
Novosibirsk, Russia, March 2–4, 2021

Mechanical Science and Technology Update
Omsk, Russia, March 16–17, 2021

One-Parameter Semigroups of Operators (OPSO)
The conference will be held online via Zoom, Russia, April 5–9, 2021

III International Scientific Conference " Geometric Methods in Control Theory and Mathematical Physics"
Ryazan, Russia, April 26–30, 2021

Scheduled conferences

International Conference "Theory of Probability and Its Applications: P.L. Chebyshev - 200" (The 6th International Conference on Stochastic Methods)
online, Russia, May 17–22, 2021

Conference "Birational Geometry in Moscow" dedicated to the 70th anniversary of V. V. Shokurov
Moscow, Russia, May 2021

7th Workshop on Combinatorics of Moduli Spaces, Cluster Algebras, and Topological Recursion (MoSCATR VII)
HSE, MIAN, Skoltech, Moscow, Russia, May 31–June 5, 2021

Russian-Chinese Conference «Integrable Systems and Geometry»
Moscow, Russia, June 2021

Lectures in memory of I. R. Shafarevich
Moscow, Russia, June 2021

Logical Perspectives 2021 (International Conference)
Steklov Mathematical Institute, 8 Gubkina St., Moscow, Russia, June 7–11, 2021

Logical Perspectives Summer School and Workshop
Moscow, Russia, June 7–11, 2021

International Conference “Categorical and Analytic Invariants in Algebraic Geometry VIII”
Russia, June 2021

Adian 90: Conference on Mathematical Logic, Algebra, and Computation
Moscow, Russia, June 21–23, 2021

Mathematical Physics, Dynamical Systems and Infinite-Dimensional Analysis – 2021
Moscow Region, Dolgoprudny, Russia, June 30–July 9, 2021

Workshop on Classical and Quantum Integrable Systems (CQIS-2021)
Sochi, Russia, July 18–24, 2021

Summer School "Contemporary Mathematics" named after Vitaly Arnold
Moscow, Russia, July 2021

Affine Varieties: Embeddings, Automorphisms, Structure and Topology (AV-EAST-2020)
Saint Petersburg, Russia, July 26–30, 2021

9th International Conference on Differential and Functional Differential Equations
Moscow, Russia, August 2021

International Conference "Algebraic Topology and Applications"
Moscow, Russia, September–November 2021

International Conference "Approximations and Applications Theory" dedicated to the 100th anniversary S.B. Stechkin
Moscow, Russia, September 5–11, 2021

Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing
Sochi, Russia, September 13–17, 2021

Memorial Conference on Analytic Number Theory and Applications dedicated to 130 anniversary of I. M. Vinogradov
Russia, September 13–17, 2021

Witt Vectors in Algebra and Geometry
Moscow, Russia, October 2021

International Conference on Complex Analysis dedicated to the memory of Andrei Gonchar and Anatoliy Vitushkin
Moscow, Russia, October 11–15, 2021

Annual memorial conference dedicated to the memory of Andrei Nikolaevich Tyurin
Moscow, Russia, October 28, 2021

School of Young Scientists "Mathematical Methods of Mechanics"
Moscow, Russia, November 2021

One-day Conference dedicated to the memory of V. A. Iskovskikh
Moscow, Russia, December 23, 2021

Arithmetic Geometry in Moscow
Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS, Russia, May 2022

Moscow Autumn Academy on Reinforcement Learning and Optimal Control
Russia, October 2022
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