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Author Index, 1988, Volume 27

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K. V. Adaricheva
Semidistributive and co-algebraic lattices of subsemilattices
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:6,  625–640
V. V. Belyaev
Locally inner endomorphisms of $SF$-groups
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:1,  3–18
A. N. Degtev
Some lattice-invariant properties of families of recursively enumerable sets
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:5,  527–534
V. D. Dzgoev
Constructivization of Boolean lattices
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:6,  641–648
Yu. L. Ershov
Co-Henselian extensions and Henselization of division algebras
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:6,  649–658
A. T. Gainov
Symmetric subalgebras of monocomposition algebras
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:5,  503–526
A. N. Gamova
Generalized calculations with oracles
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:2,  131–147
R. Gonchigdorzh
Letter to the editors: "A ring of regular quotients of a reduced ring"
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:1,  122
S. A. Gurchenkov
On the theory of varieties of lattice-ordered groups
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:3,  249–273
A. R. Kemer
Representability of reduced-free algebras
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:3,  274–294
B. M. Khusainov
The algorithmic dimension of unars
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:4,  479–494
A. S. Kondrat'ev
Decomposition numbers of the group $\mathscr{J}_2$
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:5,  535–561
A. S. Kondrat'ev
Decomposition numbers of the groups $\hat{\mathscr{J}}_2$ and $Aut(\mathscr{J}_2)$
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:6,  690–710
P. A. Krylov
Torsion-free abelian groups with hereditary endomorphism rings
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:3,  295–304
K. Zh. Kudaibergenov
Elementary extensions, omitting types, and homogeneous models
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:2,  148–171
K. Zh. Kudaibergenov
On countable categoricity
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:6,  711–714
L. A. Lagutina
Jordan homomorphism of associative algebras with involution
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:4,  402–417
L. L. Maksimova
Interpolation in infinite-layered extensions of provability logic
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:5,  581–603
V. D. Mazurov
The minimal permutation representation of the Thompson simple group
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:5,  562–580
N. Ya. Medvedev
$0$-approximability of bounded Engel $l$-groups
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:4,  418–421
Yu. A. Medvedev
Free Jordan algebras
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:2,  172–200
Yu. B. Mel'nikov
The structure of supercopiable $p$-groups
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:4,  422–439
A. S. Morozov
Permutations and implicit definability
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:1,  19–36
Nguyen Van Hoa
$L$-equivalence of systems of functions in many-valued logics
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:1,  37–47
Zh. A. Omarov
The variety of lattices that is determined by the Ikbalunnisa identity
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:3,  305–315
A. G. Pinus
Coverings in epimorphism skeletons of varieties of algebras
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:3,  316–326
V. A. Rudnev
On the existence of an inseparable pair in the recursion theory of admissible sets
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:1,  48–56
S. V. Rychkov
Endomorphism rings of abelian groups
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:3,  327–342
M. V. Sapir
Algorithmic problems in varieties of semigroups
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:4,  440–463
V. L. Selivanov
Index sets of quotient-objects of the Post numeration
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:3,  343–358
V. L. Selivanov
Ershov's hierarchy and $ T$-jumps
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:4,  464–478
P. V. Shumyatskii
Groups with regular elementary $2$-groups of automorphisms
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:6,  715–730
V. P. Shunkov
Embedding theorems for groups with involutions and the characterization of Chernikov groups
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:1,  100–121
A. M. Slin'ko
Splitting of a compact ring into the sum of a radical and an inertial subring
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:3,  359–372
G. K. Tolokonnikov
Classification of algebras with identities by the method of functional equations
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:1,  57–78
V. I. Trofimov
The effect of the structure of a graph on the behavior of its automorphisms
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:2,  221–241
M. P. Tropin
Finite pseudo-Boolean and topo-Boolean algebras that do not have an independent basis of quasi-identities
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:1,  79–99
M. P. Tropin
The minimal co-order of pseudo-Boolean and topo-Boolean algebras that do not have a finite basis of quasi-identities
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:2,  201–220
S. Yu. Vasilovskii
The bimodule structure of some simple Jordan algebras with respect to associative Frobenius subalgebras
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:4,  381–401
B. V. Yakovlev
Strict lattice definability of mixed nilpotent groups
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:5,  604–616
M. Zakharyaschev
Syntax and semantics of modal logics that contain $S4$
Algebra Logika, 1988, Volume 27:6,  659–689
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