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Author Index, 1976, Volume 12

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A. P. Makhmudov
The approximate solution of a certain boundary value problem
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:3,  461–474
Ya. D. Mamedov, see N. P. Erugin
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:7,  1332–1337
Yu. A. Mamedov, see N. P. Erugin
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:7,  1332–1337
E. A. Markin
The existence of a mean value for a certain class of differential games that may be described by the wave equation
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:12,  2175–2187
A. P. Marynych
Relatively ideally observable systems
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:7,  1204–1210
I. I. Matveeva
Weight spaces of functions defined in a half-space
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:6,  1084–1098
I. I. Matveeva
The first boundary value problem for degenerate elliptic equations in a half-space
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:7,  1267–1281
A. M. Meilakhs
The orientation of an inert rigid body
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:11,  2101
A. M. Meilakhs
The stabilization of nonlinear control systems
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:7,  1313–1315
A. M. Meilakhs, G. M. Khitrov
Extinguishing the rotation of a rigid body
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:8,  1520–1522
Z. O. Mel'nik, V. N. Tsymbal
A mixed problem for a first order hyperbolic system with a small parameter multiplying the derivatives
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:5,  902–907
O. F. Men'shikh
Letter to the editors: “Functionally invariant solutions of second order quasilinear partial differential equations” (Differencial'nye Uravnenija 11 (1975), 533–540)
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:1,  183
V. P. Mikhailov
The Dirichlet problem for a second order elliptic equation
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:10,  1877–1891
V. M. Millionshchikov
A formula for the entropy of smooth dynamical systems
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:12,  2188–2192
L. I. Minchenko
Necessary optimality conditions for certain classes of discrete control systems
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:7,  1211–1218
N. V. Miroshin
A generalized Dirichlet problem for a certain class of elliptic differential operators that are degenerate on the boundary of the domain. Some spectral properties
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:6,  1099–1111
J. D. Mirzov OR D. D. Mirzov, see D. V. Izyumova
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:7,  1187–1193
Yu. A. Mitropol'skii, E. Yu. Romanenko
IV Всесоюзная конференция по теории и приложениям дифференциальных уравнений с отклоняющимся аргументом
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:2,  375–376
V. S. Mokeichev
Eigenvalues of a periodic boundary value problem for certain partial differential equations
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:2,  356–358
P. I. Monastyrnyi, A. I. Azarov
A method of reducing a special boundary value problem to a Cauchy problem
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:7,  1316–1319
A. D. Morozov
The complete qualitative investigation of Duffing's equation
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:2,  241–255
N. F. Morozov, see Zh. N. Dmitrieva
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:11,  1939–1945
N. P. Morozov
A transformation of an asymptotic expansion of the period
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:9,  1580–1586
S. F. Morozov, see Yu. A. Kuznetsov
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:6,  1061–1072
I. E. Mozolevski
The Dirichlet problem for linear quasielliptic differential operators with unbounded lowest coefficients
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:6,  1112–1120
R. G. Mukharlyamov
Construction of the equations of a system of programmed motions in a sliding state
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:7,  1219–1222
V. V. Mulyarchick, see L. E. Zabello
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:5,  800–805
A. D. Myshkis, G. V. Sherbina
A certain limit boundary value problem that does not satisfy S. N. Bernšteǐn's condition and has an application in the theory of capillary phenomena
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:6,  991–998
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