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Differ. Uravn.:

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Author Index, 1976, Volume 12

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A. P. Sadovskii
On the problem of distinguishing the center and focus for systems of nonlinear oscillations
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:12,  2273–2274
A. P. Sadovskii
The problem of distinguishing the center and a focus for systems with nonzero linear part
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:7,  1238–1246
A. A. Samarskii, see A. V. Bitsadze
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:10,  1731–1735
B. W. Schulze
Potentials for higher order elliptic equations, and inverse problems
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:1,  148–158
Z. B. Seidov
A boundary value problem for differential equations with deviating argument
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:3,  562–566
V. S. Serov
Generalized kernels of fractional order
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:10,  1892–1902
R. M. Sharipova
The normal solvability of the Dirichlet problem for a certain degenerate elliptic system
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:2,  343–347
T. K. Shemjakina
Representation of the solutions of a certain class of third order differential equations
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:9,  1719–1722
G. V. Sherbina
The singular nonlinear boundary value problem for a second-order equation with a rapidly growing right-hand side
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:2,  299–304
G. V. Sherbina, see A. D. Myshkis
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:6,  991–998
S. B. Shikhov, see V. M. Novikov
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:8,  1516–1519
S. N. Shimanov, see N. I. Kazeeva
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:2,  234–240
G. I. Shishkin
Über ein Problem Stefanschen Typs mit Verschwinden einer der Phasen
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:12,  2283–2284
F. A. Sholokhovich, see S. A. Nefedov
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:4,  653–657
K. S. Sibirskii, V. D. Taku
Algebraic invariants of multidimensional differential systems
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:2,  281–291
N. I. Sidenko, see V. P. Burlachenko
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:5,  857–864
B. N. Skachkov
The construction of a Ljapunov function for self-regulation systems
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:8,  1454–1461
V. P. Skripnik
Stability criteria for systems with transformed argument that are based on the symmetrization of matrices
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:9,  1587–1595
A. P. Slesarenko, see V. L. Rvachev
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:4,  720–728
V. E. Slyusarchuk
On the question of the stability of the solutions of infinite systems of differential equations
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:11,  2019–2026
V. E. Slyusarchuk
Absolute asymptotic stability of linear differential equations with infinitely many lags in a Banach space
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:5,  840–847
T. I. Smagina
Regularity classes for second order vectorial equations
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:7,  1320–1322
M. M. Smirnov
Functionally invariant solutions and the nonuniqueness of the solution of the Darboux problem for degenerate hyperbolic equations
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:5,  937–939
Yu. B. Smirnov, see A. V. Lapin
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:5,  892–901
P. E. Sobolevskii, see I. D. Evzerov
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:2,  227–233
P. E. Sobolevskii, see A. E. Polichka
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:9,  1693–1704
B. S. Sotskov, see L. N. Bol'shev
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:3,  567–570
V. A. Srochko
On the optimality of singular controls in systems with after-effect
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:12,  2275–2278
V. D. Stepanov
The integral representability of the resolvent of a selfadjoint elliptic operator
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:1,  129–136
S. V. Streltsov
On necessary conditions for the optimality of the controls in hybrid systems
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:5,  940–943
G. V. Sugrobov
The approximate representation of relaxation oscillations
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:2,  365–368
G. I. Sulkhanishvili
Letter to the editors: “Difference schemes of the sixth order of accuracy for a Poisson equation of an arbitrary number of dimensions” (Differencial'nye Uravnenija 11 (1975), no. 5, 934–936)
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:1,  183
A. G. Sveshnikov, see A. V. Bitsadze
Differ. Uravn., 1976, Volume 12:10,  1731–1735
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