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Author Index, 1995, Volume 31

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U. G. Abdullaev
Unbounded solutions of a nonlinear equation of heat conduction with transfer
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:5,  786–794
V. N. Abrashin
On a class of iterative methods for solving multidimensional problems in mathematical physics
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:5,  840–848
V. N. Abrashin, S. N. Lehtikov
On the combination of the alternating direction method and the finite element method for the solution of problems in mathematical physics. I
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:7,  1161–1169
V. N. Abrashin
On a subdomain decomposition method in the solution of problems in mathematical physics
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:9,  1525–1535
A. P. Afanas'ev
A first-order local variational problem for nonlinear optimal control problems with mixed constraints
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:11,  1796–1802
A. V. Aksenov
Symmetries and fundamental solutions of the multidimensional generalized axisymmetric Laplace equation
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:10,  1697–1700
E. H. Al'brekht, O. N. Sobolev
Synthesis of control systems with minimal energy
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:10,  1611–1616
L. A. Alexeyeva
Dynamic analogs of Green and Gauss formulas for solutions to wave equation in $\mathbf R_N\times t$
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:11,  1920–1921
V. V. Amel'kin
On conditions for the existence of limit cycles in two-dimensional autonomous systems of differential equations
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:12,  2070–2072
A. M. Ametov
Solutions of mixed problems for the equation of the filtration of a homogeneous fluid in a semi-infinite cracked-porous medium
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:11,  1922–1924
A. A. Amosov, A. A. Zlotnik
Uniqueness and stability of generalized solutions of quasi-averaged equations of the one-dimensional motion of a viscous barotropic medium
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:7,  1123–1131
I. M. Anan'evskii
The method of Lyapunov functions in the problem of the control of a Lagrangian dynamical system
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:11,  1779–1785
O. V. Anashkin, M. M. Khapaev
On the partial stability of nonlinear systems of ordinary differential equations with a small parameter
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:3,  371–381
A. S. Antipin
On differential gradient methods of predictive type for computing fixed points of extremal mappings
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:11,  1786–1795
I. Antoniou, see V. A. Il'in
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:10,  1649–1657
I. Antoniou, see V. A. Il'in
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:8,  1310–1322
D. Arcoya, P. Drábek, A. Zertiti
A minimization problem for some degenerate functionals: nonnegative and bounded solutions
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:2,  245–252
S. M. Artem'eva
Asymptotic invariants of multidimensional linear differential equations with functionally-commutative operators
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:10,  1617–1621
S. M. Artem'eva, T. L. Surin
On the reducibility of linear differential systems with a functional-commutative matrix of coefficients
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:1,  3–7
S. M. Artem'eva
On the reducibility of multidimensional linear differential equations with a functional-commutative operator
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:3,  525–526
M. T. Ashordiya
On the well-posedness of the Cauchy–Nicoletti boundary value problem for systems of nonlinear generalized ordinary differential equations
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:3,  382–392
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