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Author Index, 1995, Volume 31

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A. I. Panasyuk
Quasidifferential equations in a complete metric space under Carathéodory-type conditions. I
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:6,  962–972
A. I. Panasyuk
Quasidifferential equations in a complete metric space under Carathéodory-type conditions. II
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:8,  1361–1369
A. I. Panasyuk
Properties of solutions of a quasidifferential equation in a complete metric space and of an equation of an integral funnel
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:9,  1488–1492
N. G. Panfilov
Об ограниченных решениях линейных сингулярно возмущенных систем в условно устойчивом случае
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:6,  1090
S. E. Pastukhova
On the error of averaging for the Steklov problem in a punctured domain
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:6,  1042–1054
V. N. Pavlenko
Control of distributed systems of elliptic type with discontinuous nonlinearities
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:9,  1586–1587
G. A. Pavlov
On the existence and uniqueness of the solution of exterior inverse problems in potential theory
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:4,  654–661
Z. G. Pavlyuchonok, see N. N. Butenina
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:4,  555–568
A. Pedas, see M. Markvard
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:9,  1557–1562
L. A. Pelletier, W. C. Troy, R. K. A. M. Van der Vorst
Stationary solutions of a fourth-order nonlinear diffusion equation
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:2,  327–337
N. N. Petrov
Some problems on the qualitative theory of dynamical polysystems
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:12,  2005–2012
N. N. Petrov
On a problem in sub-Riemannian geometry
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:6,  973–979
I. M. Petunin, see V. N. Maslennikova
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:5,  823–828
V. G. Pimenov
The concept of generalized controls for functional-differential systems
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:6,  980–989
V. A. Pliss, see L. M. Berkovich
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:10,  1770–1771
V. A. Plotnikov, L. I. Plotnikova
Averaging of quasi-differential equations in metric spaces
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:10,  1669–1674
L. I. Plotnikova, see V. A. Plotnikov
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:10,  1669–1674
S. I. Pokhozhaev
On the Maslov equations
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:2,  338–349
S. I. Pokhozhaev, see V. A. Il'in
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:7,  1107–1122
Yu. V. Pokorny, see V. A. Il'in
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:1,  178
A. A. Polosin
On a boundary value problem for an equation of mixed type with two parallel lines of degeneracy
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:1,  168–170
E. S. Polovinkin, see G. E. Ivanov
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:10,  1641–1648
T. S. Polyanskaya, see Yu. V. Gandel'
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:9,  1536–1541
D. V. Ponomarenko, see A. Yu. Kravchuk
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:3,  440–445
S. N. Popova, E. L. Tonkov
Control of Lyapunov exponents of consistent systems. III
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:2,  228–238
S. N. Popova, E. L. Tonkov
On the uniform compatibility of linear systems
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:4,  723–724
S. A. Posashkov, see V. A. Galaktionov
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:2,  253–261
V. D. Potapov
Stability of the solution of some integro-differential equations that describe the dynamics of viscoelastic systems under random perturbation of their parameters
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:9,  1518–1524
V. A. Pron'ko, see N. S. Berezkina
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:12,  2073–2074
V. A. Pron'ko, see N. S. Berezkina
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:1,  153–155
V. S. Pugachev
Stochastic differential equations in Hilbert spaces
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:3,  456–464
V. V. Pugin, see V. N. Laptinskii
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:6,  1087–1089
A. V. Pukhlikov
Degenerations of Hamiltonian structures in optimal control problems
Differ. Uravn., 1995, Volume 31:11,  1874–1879
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