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Author Index, 2001, Volume 37

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B. S. Kalitin, T. Sari
$B$-Stability and Its Applications to the Tikhonov and Malkin–Gorshin Theorems
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:1,  12–17
A. S. Kalitvin
On Volterra–Fredholm Equations with Partial Integrals
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:10,  1432–1433
D. A. Kaloshin
Search for and Stabilization of Unstable Saddle Cycles in the Lorenz System
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:11,  1559–1561
A. M. Kamachkin, see A. P. Zhabko
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:8,  1148
N. Yu. Kapustin, E. I. Moiseev
A Remark on the Convergence Problem for Spectral Expansions Corresponding to a Classical Problem with Spectral Parameter in the Boundary Condition
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:12,  1599–1604
T. O. Kapustina
Asymptotics with Respect to Small Parameters of the Solution of a Parabolic Problem with Discontinuous Data
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:1,  124–125
L. I. Karandzhulov, see A. M. Samoilenko
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:9,  1186–1193
M. G. Karimov, see Kh. Kh. Murtazin
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:1,  27–35
H. M. Karov
An Application of the Riesz–Schauder Theorem to Integral Equations of the Kneser Type
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:6,  815–819
M. M. Khachev
The Dirichlet Problem for a Degenerate Hyperbolic Equation in a Rectangle
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:4,  570–572
K. V. Khlyustov, see L. F. Zelikina
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:9,  1161–1167
O. V. Khramtsov
Relative Stabilization of a Nonlinear Degenerate Parabolic Equation
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:12,  1650–1654
A. P. Khromov, see A. P. Gurevich
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:6,  809–814
Sh. S. Khubezhty
Quadrature Formulas with Prescribed Nodes for Singular Integrals
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:12,  1708–1710
T. D. Khusainov
Stability Analysis of a Linear-Fractional Delay System
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:8,  1128–1131
I. T. Kiguradze
Blow-Up Kneser Solutions of Nonlinear Higher-Order Differential Equations
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:6,  735–743
M. Kirane, see M. Guedda
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:4,  511–520
V. V. Kiryushin, see V. F. Butuzov
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:2,  171–180
V. V. Kiryushin, see V. F. Butuzov
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:4,  495–510
Yu. N. Kiselev, see H. A. Van den Berg
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:11,  1443–1452
L. B. Knyazhishche, V. A. Shcheglov
Conditions for the Uniform Asymptotic Stability of Delay Differential Equations
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:5,  628–637
M. M. Kogan
Construction of Robust Control Laws on the Basis of the Minimax Approach
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:11,  1485–1493
I. D. Kolesin
Relaxation Phenomena in a Model of the Development of a Recurring Epidemic
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:9,  1277–1278
V. B. Kolmanovskii, N. P. Kosareva
Stability of Volterra Difference Equations
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:12,  1686–1694
G. A. Kolokol'nikova
Using Transformation Methods to Describe Discontinuous Trajectories in Problems with Phase Constraints
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:3,  323–327
M. V. Komarov
The Periodic Problem for the Generalized Kolmogorov–Petrovskii–Piskunov Equation
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:1,  66–72
K. Ya. Kondrat'ev, see A. P. Zhabko
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:8,  1148
Yu. A. Konyaev
A Class of Singularly Perturbed Boundary Value Problems with Unstable Spectrum of the Limit Operator
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:4,  558–561
V. G. Korneev
An Almost Optimal Method for Dirichlet Problems on Decomposition Subdomains of the Hierarchical hp-Version
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:7,  959–968
S. K. Korovin, see N. A. Bobylev
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:11,  1453–1461
S. K. Korovin, V. V. Fomichev
Asymptotic Observers for Bilinear Systems on the Plane
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:12,  1605–1611
M. V. Korovina
The Construction of a Self-Adjoint Extension of the Schrödinger Operator with Potential Concentrated on a Stratified Pencil of Planes
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:6,  792–795
N. P. Kosareva, see V. B. Kolmanovskii
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:12,  1686–1694
M. Koska, see V. V. Dicusar
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:4,  453–457
D. P. Kostomarov, see V. N. Abrashin
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:5,  579–585
G. V. Kovaleva
Normalization of Systems of Singular Integral Equations
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:10,  1434–1435
V. B. Kovalevskii, S. M. Kozlov
A Remark on the Solution of the Problem of Analytic Construction of Optimal Regulators with Given Boundary Conditions
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:7,  1003–1004
A. Yu. Kovrizhnykh
Constructing the Value of a Differential Game with a Positional Performance Functional
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:5,  638–647
S. M. Kozlov, see V. B. Kovalevskii
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:7,  1003–1004
V. P. Kozlov, P. A. Mandrik, N. J. Yurchuk
Method for Solving Nonstationary Heat Problems with Mixed Discontinuous Boundary Conditions on the Boundary of a Half-Space
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:8,  1118–1121
V. V. Kozlov, see I. A. Gerasimov
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:12,  1587–1592
N. N. Krasovskii, see A. P. Zhabko
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:8,  1148
V. F. Kravchenko, M. A. Basarab
Approximations by Atomic Functions and Numerical Methods for Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:10,  1406–1414
A. P. Krishchenko, see A. E. Golubev
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:11,  1468–1475
S. A. Krivosheya, see A. A. Boichuk
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:4,  439–445
E. N. Krupchik, see N. A. Izobov
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:5,  616–627
N. P. Krushina, N. B. Medvedeva
Analytic Solvability of the Stability Problem in Some Classes of Monodromic Germs
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:9,  1168–1176
P. A. Krutitskii, A. I. Sgibnev
The Method of Integral Equations in the Mixed Dirichlet–Neumann Problem for the Laplace Equation in the Exterior of Cuts in the Plane
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:10,  1299–1310
P. A. Krutitskii
Method of Boundary Integral Equations in the Mixed Problem for the Laplace Equation with an Arbitrary Partition of the Boundary
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:1,  73–82
A. N. Kulikov
Attractors of a Nonlinear Boundary Value Problem Arising in Aeroelasticity
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:3,  397–401
S. P. Kurdyumov, see V. N. Abrashin
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:5,  579–585
G. A. Kurina, G. V. Martynenko
On the Reducibility of a Nonnegatively Hamiltonian Periodic Operator Function in a Real Hilbert Space to a Block Diagonal Form
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:2,  212–217
G. A. Kurina
Invertibility of Nonnegatively Hamiltonian Operators in a Hilbert Space
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:6,  839–841
A. B. Kurzhanskii, see A. N. Dar'in
Differ. Uravn., 2001, Volume 37:11,  1476–1484
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