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Author Index, 1989, Volume 1

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V. B. Alekseev
The number of functions in some closed classes of a partial $k$-valued logic
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:1,  32–42
V. B. Alekseev
The number of families of subsets that are closed with respect to intersections
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:2,  129–136
A. E. Andreev
The complexity of realizing partial Boolean functions by schemes consisting of functional elements
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:4,  36–45
A. V. Anisimov
Recursive information converters
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  3–18
D. N. Babin
Completeness of two-place boundedly deterministic functions with respect to superposition
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:4,  86–91
M. Yu. Baryshev
Approximations of words by words without self-duplication
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:2,  52–56
I. E. Bashtanov
Types of two-place relations and their preservation classes in three-valued logic
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:2,  86–96
I. E. Bashtanov
The number of relations that determine classes of constants and selector functions of $k$-valued logic
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  141–144
S. A. Bogomolov
Reconstruction of an automaton from experiments
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:1,  135–146
V. E. Britikov
The structure of a random graph near a critical point
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  121–128
S. I. Bykov, V. A. Ivanov
Conditions for the asymptotic normality of multidimensional randomized decomposable statistics
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:2,  57–64
I. P. Chukhrov
Maximal cardinality of the shadow of an antichain
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:4,  78–85
Z. R. Dang
Upper bounds on finite-automaton complexity for generalized regular expressions in a one-letter alphabet
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:4,  12–16
N. R. Emel'yanov
Complexity of the solution of the problem of $\alpha$-expressibility in $k$-valued logic
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:2,  65–77
B. V. Gladkov
A central limit theorem for sums of random variables, any $r$ of which are independent
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:1,  22–28
M. M. Glukhov
$\alpha$-closed classes and $\alpha$-complete systems of functions of $k$-valued logic
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:1,  16–21
E. N. Gordeev
Stability of a solution in a problem on the shortest path on a graph
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  39–46
T. M. Igamberdiev
The number of solutions of some types of systems of Boolean equations
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:1,  105–116
V. A. Ivanov, see S. I. Bykov
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:2,  57–64
G. I. Ivchenko
Decomposable statistics in an inverse occupancy problem
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:1,  60–73
G. I. Ivchenko, S. A. Khonov
An asymptotic estimate for stratified finite populations
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  87–95
I. B. Kalugin
The number of components in a random bipartite graph
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  62–70
Ya. Ya. Kanep
Stochasticity of languages that can be recognized by two-sided finite probabilistic automata
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:4,  63–77
S. A. Khonov, see G. I. Ivchenko
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  87–95
G. Kilibarda
Bases of a functional system
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:4,  17–25
V. V. Knyazev, V. A. Talanov
On the satisfiability fraction for formulas of $k$-valued logic with quantifiers min and max
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  104–110
V. F. Kolchin
Second All-Union Conference “Probability methods in discrete mathematics”
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:1,  147–148
V. F. Kolchin
The number of permutations with restrictions on the lengths of cycles
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:2,  97–109
A. V. Kostochka
An upper bound on the capacity of the boundary of an antichain in an $n$-dimensional cube
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  53–61
V. B. Kudryavtsev, A. S. Podkolzin
Fundamental directions in the theory of homogeneous structures
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  19–38
N. N. Kuzyurin
Asymptotically exact polynomial algorithms in problems of integer linear programming
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:2,  78–85
S. S. Marchenkov
Finite initial segments of the upper semilattice of finite-automaton degrees
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  96–103
A. A. Markov
Vector optimization of decompositions of root trees
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:2,  3–14
S. S. Martynov
Complexity of some problems in editing words
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:4,  104–112
V. G. Mikhailov
Asymptotic normality of symmetric decomposable statistics in an inhomogeneous scheme
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:2,  15–27
V. G. Mikhailov
Asymptotic normality of decomposable statistics from the frequencies of $m$-chains
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:4,  92–103
Sh. A. Mirakhmedov
Randomized decomposable statistics in a generalized allocation scheme over a countable set of cells
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:4,  46–62
V. V. Morozenko
Complexity of self-correcting algorithms for two sorting problems
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  111–120
A. A. Nechaev
Kerdock's code in cyclic form
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:4,  123–139
V. A. Orlov
Finding probability characteristics of schemes in automaton bases
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:1,  29–31
A. I. Pavlov
The number and cycle structure of solutions of a system of permutation equations
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:1,  94–104
A. I. Pavlov
Asymptotic behavior of the number of solutions of a system of permutation equations
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:2,  143–154
V. V. Peretrukhin
Modeling and decomposition of automata by means of calculators
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:4,  26–35
A. S. Podkolzin, see V. B. Kudryavtsev
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  19–38
N. P. Red'kin
Circuits that allow short unit diagnostic tests
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  71–76
A. B. Remizov
The overstructure of a closed class of polynomials modulo $k$
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:1,  3–15
A. A. Sapozhenko
The number of antichains in ranked partially ordered sets
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:1,  74–93
A. A. Sapozhenko
The number of antichains in multilayered ranked sets
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:2,  110–128
B. I. Selivanov
Dimensions of branches of random $m$-trees
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:2,  137–142
N. A. Shimko
Peculiarities of the realization of boundedly deterministic functions by schemes of unreliable elements
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:1,  43–59
I. E. Shparlinski
Distribution of primitive and irreducible polynomials modulo a prime
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:1,  117–124
A. F. Sidorenko
Minimal rectilinear Steiner trees
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:2,  28–37
A. F. Sidorenko
Extremal problems for $k$-colored graphs and unimprovable inequalities for pairs of random elements
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  47–52
T. G. Smirnova
The chromatic dimension of a graph
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  139–140
V. A. Talanov, see V. V. Knyazev
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  104–110
N. I. Turdaliev
Self-correction of schemes for some sequences of Boolean functions
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  77–86
R. I. Tyshkevich
Matroid decompositions of graphs
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:3,  129–138
V. A. Vatutin, N. M. Yanev
A multidimensional critical Galton–Watson branching process with final types
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:4,  113–122
I. A. Vikhlyantsev
Realization of systems of conjunctions by means of switching circuits
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:4,  3–11
A. L. Yakymiv
Permutations with cycle lengths in a given set
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:1,  125–134
N. M. Yanev, see V. A. Vatutin
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:4,  113–122
V. A. Yudin
Packings of balls in Euclidean space, and extremal problems for trigonometric polynomials
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:2,  155–158
L. P. Zhil'tsova
Algorithmic complexity of problems of optimal alphabetical coding for context-free languages
Diskr. Mat., 1989, Volume 1:2,  38–51
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