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Diskr. Mat.:

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Author Index, 1991, Volume 3

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F. M. Ablayev
Comparative complexity of probabilistic and deterministic automata
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:2,  114–120
V. I. Afanasyev
On the probability of the first passage into a fixed state for a random walk on a half-line
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:1,  61–67
G. P. Agibalov
On the coding of semilattices and automata on semilattices
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:1,  74–87
V. G. Andronov, see E. G. Belousov
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  147–158
V. D. Anosov
Transformation of an automaton group under the action of a feedback operation that admits more than two values
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:4,  47–51
A. S. Asratyan, G. V. Sarkisyan
Cyclic properties of some Hamiltonian graphs
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:4,  91–104
T. A. Azlarov, N. A. Volodin
Review of a book, B. A. Bondarenko “Generalized Pascal triangles and pyramids, their fractals, graphs and applications”
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  159–160
G. V. Balakin, V. F. Kolchin, V. I. Khokhlov
Hypercycles in a random hypergraph
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  102–108
E. G. Belousov, V. G. Andronov
Ravines of functions and absolutely nonuniform sets and functions
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  147–158
O. V. Borodin
Joint generalization of the theorems of Lebesgue and Kotzig on the combinatorics of planar maps
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:4,  24–27
O. V. Denisov
An asymptotic formula for the number of correlation-immune Boolean functions of order $k$
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:2,  25–46
E. E. D'yakonova, V. G. Mikhailov
Sufficient conditions for asymptotic normality of decomposable statistics in an inhomogeneous allocation scheme
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:1,  145–154
V. A. Emelichev, M. K. Kravtsov
Polyhedral aspects of multi-index axial transportation problems
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:2,  3–24
V. A. Emelichev, V. A. Perepelitsa
On the power of sets of alternatives in discrete multicriterial problems
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  3–12
È. È. Gasanov
On a mathematical information search mode
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:2,  69–76
S. B. Gashkov
Boolean functions that are difficult to realize and real numbers that are difficult to evaluate
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:1,  48–60
D. S. Gershuni
The problem of two periodic tasks
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:4,  16–23
A. P. Il'ichev, see V. N. Shevchenko
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:2,  96–102
G. I. Ivchenko, Sh. A. Mirakhmedov
Limit theorems for decomposable statistics and efficiencies of the corresponding statistical tests
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  73–88
I. D. Kan
Möbius functions of the union of partial orders
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:2,  121–127
L. G. Khachatryan
Methods for constructing de Bruijn sequences
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:4,  62–78
V. I. Khokhlov, see G. V. Balakin
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  102–108
N. P. Khomenko, V. G. Leshchenko
Planarity of coverings of graphs
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:2,  103–113
G. Kilibarda
A new proof of the Budach – Podkolzin theorem
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  135–146
V. F. Kolchin, see G. V. Balakin
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  102–108
M. K. Kravtsov, see V. A. Emelichev
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:2,  3–24
G. Yu. Kudryavtsev
Distinguishability of vertices of automaton labyrinths by finite automata
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:4,  143–152
V. V. Kudryavtsev
On the functional system $P_{k,\Pi}$
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  124–134
N. N. Kuzyurin
On the connection between optima in linear and integer linear programming problems
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:1,  98–104
N. N. Kuzyurin
A parallel algorithm of complexity $O(\log\sp 2n)$ for a problem on balancing sets
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:4,  153–158
V. G. Leshchenko, see N. P. Khomenko
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:2,  103–113
V. I. Levenshtein
Perfect codes in the metric of deletions and insertions
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:1,  3–20
S. S. Marchenkov
On the degree of uniform id-decomposition of closed classes in $P_k$
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:4,  128–142
A. A. Markov
Vector optimization of decompositions of root trees
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:2,  58–68
V. G. Mikhailov, see E. E. D'yakonova
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:1,  145–154
E. A. Mikheeva
Classification of lower neighborhoods of closed classes in the lattice $\mathcal L_k$
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:4,  3–15
Sh. A. Mirakhmedov, see G. I. Ivchenko
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  73–88
V. V. Morozenko
On the complexity of sorting of Boolean algebra
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:1,  42–47
A. V. Nagaev
Integral limit theorems for lacunary distributions
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  89–101
A. A. Nechaev
Linear recurrent sequences over commutative rings
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:4,  105–127
V. G. Nikonov, D. S. Shevelev
Boolean graphs and functions
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:4,  52–61
L. V. Nosov
A lower bound on the time complexity of an integer problem on the uniqueness of elements
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  31–34
A. N. Nurlybaev
On the simplification of Boolean functions with a set of zeros of a special type
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:1,  88–97
A. I. Pavlov
On the number of permutations with cycle lengths in a given set
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  109–123
G. I. Perel'muter
Incomplete Gaussian sums in finite fields
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:1,  68–73
V. A. Perepelitsa, see V. A. Emelichev
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  3–12
A. S. Podkolzin
On the organization of knowledge bases in view of automatic problem solving
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  13–30
B. B. Pokhodzei
Review of a book, R. L. Graham, D. E. Knuth, O. Patashnik “Concrete mathematics. A foundation for computer science”
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:1,  155–156
L. A. Pomortsev
Combinatorial-symmetric analysis of multidimensional random walks
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:1,  21–41
A. K. Pulatov, N. F. Samatova
Complexity of the specification of a convex polyhedron in $R^3$
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:2,  148–156
I. S. Rakhimov
Sampling sums of dependent variables, mixtures of infinitely divisible laws, and branching random processes
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:2,  128–147
M. N. Rokhlin
Binomial moments and exponential generating functions
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:1,  114–132
V. N. Sachkov
Review of a book, I. Goulden, D. Jackson “Combinatorial enumeration” (translated from the 1983 English original by Yu. V. Bolotnikov and A. E. Zhukov; translation edited by V. E. Tarakanov)
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:2,  157–159
N. F. Samatova, see A. K. Pulatov
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:2,  148–156
G. V. Sarkisyan, see A. S. Asratyan
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:4,  91–104
S. V. Sevast'yanov
On the compact summation of vectors
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  66–72
L. V. Shabunin
Elementary theories of finitely presented loops with the invertibility property
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:4,  79–90
V. N. Shevchenko, A. P. Il'ichev
Minors and permanents of some (0,1)-matrices
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:2,  96–102
D. S. Shevelev, see V. G. Nikonov
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:4,  52–61
V. D. Shmatkov
Isomorphisms of incidence algebras
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:1,  133–144
V. M. Sidel'nikov
Estimates for the number of appearances of elements on an interval of a recurrent sequence over a finite field
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:2,  87–95
A. F. Sidorenko
Inequalities for functionals generated by bipartite graphs
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  50–65
S. A. Stepanov
Lower bounds on character sums over finite fields
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:2,  77–86
B. E. Torosyan
The number and cardinalities of components of solutions of a discrete isoperimetric problem in the Hamming space
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:4,  28–46
N. A. Volodin, see T. A. Azlarov
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  159–160
A. A. V'yalitsin
Enumeration of Hamiltonian cycles
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  46–49
M. N. Vyalyi
One-dimensional projections of polyhedra of problems of discrete optimization
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:3,  35–45
Yu. A. Zuev
Combinatorial-probability and geometric methods in threshold logic
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:2,  47–57
A. N. Zyrichev
On the design of an automaton for traversing plane labyrinths with limited holes
Diskr. Mat., 1991, Volume 3:1,  105–113
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