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Author Index, 1993, Volume 5

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V. I. Afanasyev
A limit theorem for a critical branching process in a random environment
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:1,  45–58
M. A. Alekhina
On the reliability of schemes consisting of unreliable functional elements with one-type constant faults at the element outputs
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:2,  59–74
L. A. Arutyunyan
On the lattice of closed classes of nonhomogeneous functions with a trace of type $C$
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:1,  130–145
L. A. Arutyunyan
On the cardinality of traces of classes of nonhomogeneous functions
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:3,  35–39
V. G. Bardakov
Factorization of even permutations into two factors of given cyclic structure
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:1,  70–90
S. N. Bespamyatnykh
Efficient algorithms for calculating the modality of polygons
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:4,  120–132
E. V. Bratceva
Reconstructibility of the fundamental invariants of a graph
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:4,  109–119
A. N. Degtev
On the intersection of some classes of convergences
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:4,  24–28
O. V. Denisov
A threshold function with the Shannon effect for Boolean functions with respect to a symmetric group
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:3,  64–75
O. A. Dolotova
Minimal verifying tests of functions from the Post classes
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:2,  75–82
P. A. Golovach
The cut width of a graph and the value of a vertex separation of an edge graph
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:3,  76–80
E. N. Gordeev, O. G. Tarastsov
The Steiner problem: A survey
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:2,  3–28
I. S. Grunskii
On the manifestation of automaton memory in an experiment
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:2,  51–58
I. S. Grunskii, O. M. Kopytova
Indistinguishability of finite automata in a stationary observation environment
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:4,  43–53
A. A. Irmatov
On the number of threshold functions
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:3,  40–43
Sh. M. Ismailov
Storage of binary information in plane logic networks
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:1,  146–158
G. I. Ivchenko, N. M. Morozova
Negative polynomial distribution
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:2,  138–149
G. I. Ivchenko
Waiting time and related characteristics in a multinomial scheme
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:3,  3–34
G. Kilibarda, Š. M. Ušćumlić
Labyrinth traps for groups of automata
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:2,  29–50
G. Kilibarda
On the complexity of traversing labyrinths by an automaton
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:3,  116–124
V. V. Kochergin
On the complexity of computation in finite Abelian, nilpotent and soluble groups
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:1,  91–111
V. F. Kolchin, see V. A. Vatutin
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:3,  157–159
O. M. Kopytova, see I. S. Grunskii
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:4,  43–53
A. G. Levin, R. I. Tyshkevich
Edge hypergraphs
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:1,  112–129
L. P. Lisovik
Inclusion and ambiguity problems for regular events in semigroups
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:4,  54–74
G. D. Makarov
Large deviations of the height of a random tree
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:2,  116–125
A. A. Makhnev, see N. D. Zyulyarkina
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:4,  145–150
V. M. Maksimov
Algebraic operations and equalities generated by Grassmann algebras
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:2,  90–97
S. S. Marchenkov
On the $id$-decompositions of the class $P_k$ over precomplete classes
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:2,  98–110
E. E. Marenich
A combinatorial approach to the enumeration of doubly stochastic square matrices with nonnegative integer elements
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:3,  90–101
N. M. Morozova, see G. I. Ivchenko
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:2,  138–149
V. I. Mukhin
Adaptive strategies in control problems with homogeneous observation processes
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:2,  126–137
Nguyen Kim Anh
On the correspondence between interval graphs and Boolean functions
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:4,  75–86
Nguyen Van Hoa
Families of closed classes of $k$-valued logic that are preserved by all automorphisms
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:4,  87–108
V. N. Noskov
A method for the design of combinational circuits suitable for control
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:4,  3–23
I. B. Oshkin, see V. N. Sachkov
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:2,  150–159
N. A. Peryazev, see S. F. Vinokurov
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:3,  102–104
G. V. Proskurin
The problem of discriminating hypotheses on the parameters of a generalized moving summation process
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:3,  44–63
A. K. Pulatov, see N. F. Samatova
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:3,  150–156
V. N. Sachkov
Asymptotics of the number of $t$-minimal coverings of a set
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:1,  36–44
V. N. Sachkov, I. B. Oshkin
Exponents of classes of non-negative matrices
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:2,  150–159
N. F. Samatova, A. K. Pulatov
On the measure of combinatorial instability of the specification of a convex polyhedron in $\mathbb R^3$
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:3,  150–156
A. V. Shapovalov
Connectedness and threshold functions of subgraphs of random homogeneous hypergraphs
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:3,  105–115
A. V. Shapovalov
On the number of strictly balanced subgraphs of random homogeneous hypergraphs
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:4,  133–144
V. S. Shevelev
Modern enumeration theory of permutations with restricted positions
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:1,  3–35
V. V. Smolev
On an approach to the solution of a Boolean linear equation with positive integer coefficients
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:3,  81–89
V. P. Suprun
Complexity of Boolean functions in the class of canonical polarized polynomials
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:2,  111–115
O. G. Tarastsov, see E. N. Gordeev
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:2,  3–28
A. N. Timashev
Large deviation theorems in a multinomial scheme of trials
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:2,  83–89
A. N. Timashev
Large deviation theorems in a scheme of allocating identical particles to different cells
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:4,  29–42
R. I. Tyshkevich, see A. G. Levin
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:1,  112–129
Š. M. Ušćumlić, see G. Kilibarda
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:2,  29–50
V. A. Vatutin, V. F. Kolchin
Review of a book, Mahmoud H. M. “Evolution of Random Search Trees”
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:3,  157–159
S. F. Vinokurov, N. A. Peryazev
Decomposition of Boolean functions into the sum of products of subfunctions
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:3,  102–104
F. F. Zheludevich
On Losev's method for fast vector-matrix multiplication
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:4,  151–157
A. A. Zolotykh
Traversing labyrinths with holes that are restricted in fixed directions
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:1,  59–69
K. A. Zykov
Realization of some systems of Boolean functions by schemes consisting of two-input elements
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:3,  125–149
N. D. Zyulyarkina, A. A. Makhnev
Strongly regular locally latticed graphs
Diskr. Mat., 1993, Volume 5:4,  145–150
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