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Author Index, 1995, Volume 7

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A. S. Ambrosimov
On the consistency of the maximum likelihood method in the problem of ordering the outcomes of a multinomial scheme in correspondence with their probabilities
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:2,  118–130
A. E. Andreev
On the completeness of gradient gate circuits
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:1,  66–76
E. G. Andronov, see E. G. Belousov
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:4,  95–115
L. A. Arutyunyan
On the character of the depth of a lattice of closed classes of nonhomogeneous functions
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:3,  100–120
D. A. Babaev, S. S. Mardanov
Sequential and simultaneous aggregation of Diophantine equations
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:3,  69–80
D. N. Babin
Undecidability of the completeness and A-completeness problems for some systems of automaton functions
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:1,  52–65
G. V. Balakin
On a probabilistic approach to solving systems of equations with integer-valued unknowns
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:1,  88–98
E. G. Belousov, E. G. Andronov
Ravines of functions and nonuniformity of their supergraphs
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:4,  95–115
G. B. Belyavskaya
Associators, commutators and the linearity of a quasigroup
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:4,  116–125
S. I. Chechëta, see B. V. Ryazanov
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:3,  129–145
V. P. Chistyakov, see M. I. Tikhomirova
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:2,  131–139
A. Dumov
On modeling the growth of convex and tree-like configurations in homogeneous structures
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:2,  61–78
V. G. Durnev
On equations with subgroup constraints on solutions in free groups
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:4,  60–67
V. A. Emelichev, M. K. Kravtsov
Combinatorial problems of vector optimization
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:1,  3–18
È. È. Gasanov
On a one-dimensional problem of interval search
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:2,  40–60
T. G. Gazaryan
Similarity of involutive matrices over a local ring of characteristic $2^k$
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:4,  145–156
A. A. Gladkii, see M. K. Kravtsov
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:2,  3–18
P. A. Golovach
The cutwidth and value of the vertex separation of hypergraphs and their König representations
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:2,  88–94
A. B. Gorchakov
Upper bounds for cumulants of the sum of multi-indexed random variables
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:3,  33–47
A. V. Ivanov, see G. I. Ivchenko
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:2,  103–117
G. I. Ivchenko, Yu. I. Medvedev
On the waiting time in an allocation scheme with reflection
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:1,  145–151
G. I. Ivchenko, A. V. Ivanov
Decomposable statistics in inverse urn problems
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:2,  103–117
V. G. Khakhulin
On checking tests for a parity counter
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:4,  51–59
I. R. Khaverlik
On the complexity of the realization of Boolean matrices with a connected boundary
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:1,  19–51
V. I. Khokhlov, see V. F. Kolchin
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:4,  29–39
V. M. Khrapchenko
New inequality relations between depth and delay
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:4,  77–85
V. F. Kolchin, V. I. Khokhlov
The threshold effect for systems of random equations of a special type
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:4,  29–39
V. V. Korovin
On the complexity of the realization of a universal function by circuits consisting of functional elements
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:2,  95–102
M. K. Kravtsov, see V. A. Emelichev
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:1,  3–18
M. K. Kravtsov, A. A. Gladkii
On the number of bases in a transportation problem with exclusions
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:2,  3–18
V. B. Kudryavtsev
On the automata functional systems
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:4,  3–28
V. L. Kurakin
Representations of linear recurrent sequences of maximum period over a finite field
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:2,  34–39
N. N. Kuzyurin
Multiprocessor scheduling and combinatorial configurations
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:1,  77–87
O. A. Logachev, G. V. Proskurin, V. V. Yashchenko
Local inversion of a finite automaton by means of automata
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:2,  19–33
A. A. Makhnev
On a strongly regular graph with the parameters $(64,18,2,6)$
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:3,  121–128
G. I. Malashonok
Algorithms for computing determinants in commutative rings
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:4,  68–76
S. S. Mardanov, see D. A. Babaev
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:3,  69–80
E. M. Matveev
On a method for constructing well-distributed sequences
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:3,  89–99
Yu. I. Medvedev, see G. I. Ivchenko
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:1,  145–151
S. Yu. Mel'nikov
Spectra of nonoriented de Bruijn graphs and an upper bound on the independence number for such graphs
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:4,  140–144
D. G. Meshchaninov
A method for constructing polynomials for functions of $k$-valued logic
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:3,  48–60
V. G. Mikhailov
Review of a book, Yu. V. Borovskikh, V. S. Korolyuk “Random Permanents”
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:3,  157–160
V. G. Mikhailov, see V. A. Vatutin
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:3,  8–18
V. L. Mironov
Chromatic uniqueness of graphs that are homeomorphic to $K_4$
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:4,  126–135
A. V. Nazarok
Orthogonal starters and multidimensional Kirkman hypercubes
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:4,  136–139
Yu. L. Pavlov
Limit distributions for the maximum size of a tree in a random forest
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:3,  19–32
S. V. Pazizin
On an approach to obtaining statistical estimates for the size of a general population
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:1,  123–133
N. A. Peryazev
Realization of Boolean functions by nonrepetitive formulas
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:3,  61–68
G. V. Proskurin, see O. A. Logachev
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:2,  19–33
B. T. Rumov
A lower bound for the cardinality of a class of cyclic difference families
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:2,  79–87
B. V. Ryazanov, S. I. Chechëta
О приближении случайной булевой функции множеством квадратичных форм
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:3,  129–145
A. N. Rybko, see O. A. Zadorozhnyuk
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:4,  40–50
A. I. Saltykov
The number of components in a random bipartite graph
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:4,  86–94
B. I. Selivanov
On the waiting time in a scheme for the random allocation of colored particles
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:1,  134–144
I. A. Semaev
An algorithm for discrete logarithms over an arbitrary finite field
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:1,  99–109
B. A. Sevast'yanov
The weight of an $n$-dimensional Boolean vector and addition modulo $2^n$; generalization to the case of modulo $m^n$
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:3,  3–7
A. V. Shapovalov
Probability of the consistency of random systems of Boolean equations
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:2,  146–159
I. O. Sokolov
Upper bounds on the complexity of the realization of characteristic functions of group codes by switching circuits without zero chains
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:1,  110–122
Yu. V. Tarannikov
On the number of ordered pairs of $l$-balanced sets of length $n$
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:3,  146–156
M. I. Tikhomirova, V. P. Chistyakov
On a scheme for Markov allocations by groups of cells
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:2,  131–139
A. N. Timashev
Poisson limit distribution of the number of empty cells in a generalized equiprobable scheme for the distribution of particles by groups
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:2,  140–145
V. A. Vatutin, V. G. Mikhailov
Some estimates for the distribution of the height of a tree for digital searching
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:3,  8–18
V. V. Yashchenko, see O. A. Logachev
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:2,  19–33
V. A. Yudin
Coverings of a sphere, and extremal properties of orthogonal polynomials
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:3,  81–88
O. A. Zadorozhnyuk, A. N. Rybko
On a model of plane switching circuits
Diskr. Mat., 1995, Volume 7:4,  40–50
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