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Author Index, 1996, Volume 8

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V. B. Alekseev
On some algebras associated with fast algorithms
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:1,  52–64
P. A. Aliseichik, see V. B. Kudryavtsev
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  3–10
A. E. Andreev, A. A. Chasovskikh
Automaton complexity of two-place Boolean bases
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  123–133
A. E. Andreev, I. A. Vikhlyantsev
О сложности нумеpующих опеpатоpов
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  44–56
D. N. Babin
On the decidability of the completeness problem for special systems of automata functions
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  79–91
A. A. Bolotov
On metric clustering
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  62–78
V. A. Buevich
A variant of the proof of a completeness criterion for functions of $k$-valued logic
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  11–36
A. V. Chashkin
On the complexity of restrictions of Boolean functions
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:2,  133–150
A. A. Chasovskikh, see A. E. Andreev
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  123–133
M. A. Cherepnev
On a connection between the complexities of the discrete logarithmization and the Diffie–Hellman problems
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:3,  22–30
W. A. Dudek
On a class of weakly semi-abelian polyadic groups
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:3,  40–46
A. Dumov
On simple universal mosaic homogeneous structures
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  134–142
Yu. S. Fedosenko, see D. I. Kogan
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:3,  135–147
Sh. I. Galiev
Multiple packings and coverings of a sphere
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:3,  148–160
È. È. Gasanov
Instantaneously solvable search problems
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:3,  119–134
È. È. Gasanov
A lower bound for the complexity of information networks for a partial ordering relation
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  108–122
G. P. Gavrilov
On the overstructure of a class of polynomials in many-valued logics
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:3,  90–97
S. P. Gorshkov
On the complexity of the problem of determining the number of solutions of systems of Boolean equations
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:1,  72–85
N. V. Il'chenko
A completeness criterion for nonhomogeneous functions with delays
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:1,  86–98
A. A. Irmatov
Estimates for the number of threshold functions
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  92–107
G. I. Ivchenko, S. A. Khonov
Statistical estimation of the composition of a finite set
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:1,  3–40
K. V. Kharin
On an algebra of images
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  149–156
S. A. Khonov, see G. I. Ivchenko
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:1,  3–40
D. I. Kogan, Yu. S. Fedosenko
The discretization problem: analysis of computational complexity, and polynomially solvable subclasses
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:3,  135–147
S. V. Kovatsenko
On the reconstruction of the segmentation of dynamic patterns
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  143–148
V. N. Kozlov
On the coding of discrete figures
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  57–61
M. K. Kravtsov
The unsolvability of vector discrete optimization problems in a class of algorithms of a linear convolution of criteria
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:2,  89–96
V. B. Kudryavtsev, K. Vashik, A. S. Strogalov, P. A. Aliseichik, V. V. Peretrukhin
On the automaton model of the learning process
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  3–10
L. A. Lyapkov, B. A. Sevast'yanov
Limit distribution of the probabilities of the permanent of a random matrix in the field $\operatorname{GF}(p)$
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:2,  3–13
Kh. A. Madatyan
On complete checking tests for quasi-iteration-free switching circuits
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:3,  111–118
A. A. Makhnev
О сильно регулярных расширениях обобщенных четырехугольников с короткими прямыми
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:3,  31–39
S. S. Marchenkov
Basic relations for the $S$-classification of functions of multivalued logic
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:1,  99–128
E. E. Marenich
The singularity of some relations and their combinatorial applications
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:2,  63–88
V. G. Mikhailov, see V. A. Vatutin
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:2,  14–30
Sh. A. Mirakhmedov
On limit theorems for decomposable statistics in a generalized allocation scheme
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:3,  65–89
M. Yu. Moshkov
Lower bounds for the time complexity of deterministic conditional tests
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:3,  98–110
Nguyen Van Hoa
On closed classes of $k$-valued logic that are self-dual with respect to transitive groups
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:1,  129–156
Yu. L. Pavlov
Limit distribution of the number of trees of given size in a random forest
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:2,  31–47
V. V. Peretrukhin, see V. B. Kudryavtsev
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  3–10
N. N. Petrov
Search problems on graphs of regular polyhedra
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:2,  108–116
K. V. Petrovskii
Limit theorems for large deviations of sums of independent not necessarily identically distributed lattice random vectors
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:3,  47–64
A. S. Podkolzin, see Š. M. Ušćumlić
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  37–43
V. N. Sachkov
Ideals and filters of partitions and cyclic classes, and invariance domains of permutations
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:3,  3–21
I. A. Semaev
On the computation of logarithms on elliptic curves
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:1,  65–71
B. A. Sevast'yanov, see L. A. Lyapkov
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:2,  3–13
N. A. Solov'ev
Checking tests for superpositions of Boolean functions from elementary homogeneous functions
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:2,  117–132
V. D. Solov'ev
The structure of information distribution in an infinite sequence
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:2,  97–107
S. A. Stepanov
On vector invariants of the symmetric group
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:2,  48–62
A. S. Strogalov, see V. B. Kudryavtsev
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  3–10
Š. M. Ušćumlić, A. S. Podkolzin
On the synthesis of minimal sources
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  37–43
K. Vashik, see V. B. Kudryavtsev
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  3–10
V. A. Vatutin
The numbers of ascending segments in a random permutation and in one inverse to it are asymptotically independent
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:1,  41–51
V. A. Vatutin, V. G. Mikhailov
On the number of readings of random nonequiprobable files under stable sorting
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:2,  14–30
I. A. Vikhlyantsev, see A. E. Andreev
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:4,  44–56
K. A. Zykov
On the comparison of the complexity of two methods for realizing some linear Boolean transformations
Diskr. Mat., 1996, Volume 8:2,  151–159
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