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Author Index, 1997, Volume 9

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V. I. Afanasyev
A new limit theorem for a critical branching process in a random environment
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  52–67
V. B. Alekseev
Minimal extensions with simple multiplication for an algebra of second-order matrices
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:1,  71–82
A. S. Ambrosimov, A. N. Timashev
On a randomized approach to the construction of tests for the equiprobability of outcomes of a multinomial scheme
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  43–51
A. V. Babash
Approximate models of permutation automata
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:1,  103–122
A. V. Babash, M. M. Glukhov, G. P. Shankin
On transformations of a set of words in a finite alphabet that do not propagate distortions
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  3–19
D. L. Belotserkovskii
Characterization of some extremal graphs with a diameter at most three
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:1,  134–146
A. V. Chashkin
On the complexity and depth of circuits realizing partial Boolean functions
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:2,  53–58
A. V. Chashkin
On domains completely specifying Boolean functions
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  21–23
I. A. Cheplyukova
Limit distributions for the number of vertices in layers of a random forest
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  150–157
V. P. Chistyakov, see M. I. Tikhomirova
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:1,  12–29
V. P. Chistyakov, see B. I. Selivanov
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  127–136
E. E. D'yakonova
A branching process with migration in a random environment
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:1,  30–42
E. E. D'yakonova, see V. A. Vatutin
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  100–126
E. E. Egorov
On the minimal packing of a tree with fixed vertices
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:1,  147–152
V. A. Emelichev, O. A. Yanushkevich
Pareto-optimality conditions in discrete vector optimization problems
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  153–160
N. Yu. Enatskaya, see E. R. Khakimullin
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:2,  120–130
G. P. Gavrilov
Closed classes in many-valued logic that contain the class of polynomials
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:2,  12–23
M. M. Glukhov, see A. V. Babash
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  3–19
P. A. Golovach
The total vertex separation number of a graph
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  86–91
S. G. Gushchin
A conditional limit theorem with a random number of summands
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:2,  131–138
A. P. Il'ichev, G. P. Kogan, V. N. Shevchenko
Polynomial algorithms for computing the permanents of some matrices
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  96–100
V. A. Ivanov, G. I. Ivchenko
Decomposable statistics and stopping times in a scheme of sampling without replacement
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:1,  43–58
G. I. Ivchenko, see V. A. Ivanov
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:1,  43–58
M. Yu. Khachai
On the existence of a majority committee
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  82–95
E. R. Khakimullin, N. Yu. Enatskaya
Limit theorems for the number of empty cells
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:2,  120–130
G. P. Kogan, see A. P. Il'ichev
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  96–100
A. A. Krokhin, K. L. Safin, E. V. Sukhanov
The structure of the lattice of closed classes of polynomials
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:2,  24–39
È. M. Kudlaev
Decomposable statistics in the scheme of allocating distinguishable and indistinguishable particles to distinguishable cells
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  137–149
V. N. Lebedev
A new equilibrium in cyclic games on graphs
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  94–99
L. P. Lisovik
$\Sigma TC$-generated languages and relative equivalence problems
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:2,  139–160
O. A. Logachev, A. A. Sal'nikov, V. V. Yashchenko
Bent functions on a finite abelian group
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  3–20
V. V. Lozin
On minimal universal graphs for hereditary classes
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:2,  106–115
V. V. Makarov
The automaton permutation group $AS_n$ generated by elements of infinite order
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  117–124
A. A. Makhnev
Extensions of $\mathrm{GQ}(4,2)$, the description of hyperovals
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  101–116
S. S. Marchenkov
$S$-classification of functions of many-valued logic
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  125–152
E. E. Marenich
The action of the automorphism group of a finite graded partially ordered set on levels
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  63–72
O. I. Mel'nikov
Realization of hypergraphs by trees of minimal diameter
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:2,  91–97
V. L. Mikheev
On regressive enumerations
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:2,  116–119
A. V. Nagaev, see A. Yu. Zaigraev
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  68–81
A. Z. Nasyrov
On traversing labyrinths by automata that leave nonerasable marks
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:1,  123–133
V. A. Orlov
On the completeness of systems of finite automata
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:2,  74–78
F. Ozbudak, see S. A. Stepanov
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  36–42
M. Plukas
On some properties of algebras with simple multiplication that contain associative subalgebra
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:2,  79–90
D. S. Romanov
On the number of deadlock tests for closings of block circuits of parity counters
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  32–49
B. V. Ryazanov, G. P. Shankin
A criterion for the uniformity of the distribution of the sum of independent random variables on a primary cyclic group
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:1,  95–102
V. N. Sachkov
Probability distributions on a linear vector space over a Galois field and on sets of permutations
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  20–35
K. L. Safin, see A. A. Krokhin
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:2,  24–39
A. A. Sal'nikov, see O. A. Logachev
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  3–20
S. N. Selezneva
On the complexity of recognizing the completeness of sets of Boolean functions realized by Zhegalkin polynomials
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  24–31
B. I. Selivanov, V. P. Chistyakov
The sequential chi-square test based on $s$-tuples of states of a Markov chain
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  127–136
A. P. Semigrodskikh, E. V. Sukhanov
On closed classes of polynomials over finite fields
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  50–62
B. A. Sevast'yanov
Probabilities of extinction of subcritical multitype branching processes that are bounded from below
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:1,  3–11
G. P. Shankin, see B. V. Ryazanov
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:1,  95–102
G. P. Shankin, see A. V. Babash
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  3–19
V. A. Shcherbakova
Classes of oriented graded graphs with polynomially solvable cardinality Steiner problem
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  73–85
V. N. Shevchenko, see A. P. Il'ichev
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  96–100
A. N. Shurupov
On the functional decomposability of Boolean threshold functions
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:2,  59–73
S. A. Stepanov
Codes on fiber products of hyperelliptic curves
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:1,  83–94
S. A. Stepanov, F. Ozbudak
Stratified products of hyperelliptic curves, and geometric Goppa codes
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  36–42
O. P. Stetsenko
On a form of coloring of graph edges into prescribed colors
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  92–93
E. V. Sukhanov, see A. A. Krokhin
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:2,  24–39
E. V. Sukhanov, see A. P. Semigrodskikh
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  50–62
M. I. Tikhomirova, V. P. Chistyakov
On the asymptotics of moments of the number of nonappearing $s$-chains
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:1,  12–29
A. N. Timashev
Estimates for the probability of the coincidence of the frequency vectors of outcomes of independent multinomial schemes
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:1,  59–70
A. N. Timashev, see A. S. Ambrosimov
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  43–51
V. A. Vatutin, E. E. D'yakonova
Critical branching processes in random environment: the probability of extinction at a given moment
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  100–126
A. Yakubovskii, see A. Yu. Zaigraev
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  68–81
O. A. Yanushkevich, see V. A. Emelichev
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  153–160
V. V. Yashchenko, see O. A. Logachev
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:4,  3–20
V. A. Yudin
Code and design
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:2,  3–11
O. A. Zadorozhnyuk
A lower bound for the complexity of the realization of a Boolean function by two-layer switching circuits on a plane integral lattice
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:2,  40–52
A. Yu. Zaigraev, A. V. Nagaev, A. Yakubovskii
Probabilities of large deviations of the sums of lattice random vectors when the original distribution has heavy tails
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:3,  68–81
I. É. Zverovich
An analogue of the Whitney theorem for edge graphs of multigraphs, and edge multigraphs
Diskr. Mat., 1997, Volume 9:2,  98–105
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