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Author Index, 2005, Volume 17

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V. I. Afanasyev
On a conditional invariance principle for a critical Galton–Watson branching process
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:1,  35–49
V. B. Alekseev, A. D. Pospelov
Complexity of multiplication in some group algebras
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:1,  3–17
A. V. Babash
Externally periodic automata
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:1,  68–72
A. V. Babash
Periodically externally hereditary permutation automata
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:3,  68–79
A. P. Baranov, Yu. A. Baranov
Approximation of the moments of arbitrary integer orders of generalized factorial powers
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:1,  50–67
A. P. Baranov, Yu. A. Baranov
A power divergence test in the problem of sample homogeneity for a large number of outcomes and trials
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:2,  19–48
Yu. A. Baranov, see A. P. Baranov
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:1,  50–67
Yu. A. Baranov, see A. P. Baranov
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:2,  19–48
V. N. Bezverkhnii, I. V. Dobrynina
Solution of the generalized conjugacy problem for words in Coxeter groups of large type
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:3,  123–145
Yu. V. Borodina
Synthesis of easily testable circuits in the basis $\{&,\vee,\bar{\vphantom{x}} \}$ under single-type constant faults at the outputs of elements
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:1,  129–140
M. L. Buryakov, O. A. Logachev
On the affinity level of Boolean functions
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:4,  98–107
N. B. Chaplygina, see V. S. Rublev
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:4,  150–157
V. P. Chistyakov, see M. I. Tikhomirova
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:1,  22–34
A. N. Degtev
On generalisations of the notion of semirecursiveness
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:2,  144–149
I. V. Dobrynina, see V. N. Bezverkhnii
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:3,  123–145
I. B. Gashkov, see S. B. Gashkov
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:3,  45–67
S. B. Gashkov, I. B. Gashkov
On the complexity of the computation of differentials and gradients
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:3,  45–67
A. E. Khakimullin
Distribution of extreme terms in an ordered series in a scheme for allocating particles by groups of random size
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:3,  28–44
D. V. Khovratovich
On cardinality of some subclasses of monotone functions
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:4,  81–97
K. D. Kirichenko
An upper bound for the complexity of polynomial normal forms of Boolean functions
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:3,  80–88
A. E. Kirnasov
Adjustment experiments for automata with variable logic of behavior
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:2,  102–116
V. V. Kochergin
On the complexity of the computation of a pair of monomials in two variables
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:4,  116–142
V. A. Kolmykov
On stable and unstable trees
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:2,  150–152
A. V. Kolodzei
A theorem on the probabilities of large deviations for decomposable statistics that do not satisfy Cramér's condition
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:2,  87–94
R. M. Kolpakov
On multivalued transformations of finite sets of binary distributions with rational probabilities
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:1,  102–128
I. A. Kruglov
Random sequences of the form $X_{t+1}=a_t X_t+b_t$ modulo $n$ with dependent coefficients $a_t$, $b_t$
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:2,  49–55
I. A. Kruglov
Conditions for the limit distribution equiprobability in a linear autoregression scheme with random control on a finite group
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:3,  12–18
I. A. Kruglov
On the property of decomposability of functions of $k$-valued logic related to summation of $n$-dependent random variables in a finite Abelian group
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:4,  29–39
D. A. Kuropatkin
A probabilistic algorithm for finding the term rank of a nonnegative matrix
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:1,  147–156
A. M. Kutyin
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:3,  146–160
O. V. Kuz'min, O. V. Leonova
Touchard $C$-polynomials and polynomials quasi-orthogonal to them
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:2,  153–159
A. V. Lapshin
The probability distribution of sums of elements on disjoint parts of a random permutation
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:3,  5–11
O. V. Leonova, see O. V. Kuz'min
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:2,  153–159
Yu. M. Lifshits
Partitioning a $k$-connected graph
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:3,  112–122
O. A. Logachev, see M. L. Buryakov
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:4,  98–107
S. A. Lozhkin
On minimal $\pi$-circuits of closing contacts for symmetric functions with threshold 2
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:4,  108–110
F. M. Malyshev
Generation of uniform distribution robust to nonequiprobability of the initial digits
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:4,  72–80
S. S. Marchenkov
Equational closure
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:2,  117–126
N. M. Mezhennaya, see V. G. Mikhailov
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:3,  19–27
V. G. Mikhailov, N. M. Mezhennaya
Bounds for the probability of a dense embedding of one discrete sequence into another
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:3,  19–27
K. G. Omel'yanov
On the number of independent sets in damaged Cayley graphs
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:3,  105–108
K. N. Pankov
An upper bound for the number of functions satisfying the strict avalanche criterion
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:2,  95–101
Yu. L. Pavlov
Limit theorems on sizes of trees in a random unlabelled forest
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:2,  70–86
N. A. Peryazev, I. K. Sharankhaev
Criteria for Boolean functions to be repetition-free in pre-elementary bases of rank 3
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:2,  127–138
T. G. Petrosyan
On the number of product-free sets in groups of even order
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:1,  89–101
A. D. Pospelov, see V. B. Alekseev
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:1,  3–17
A. F. Ronzhin
Extensions of information protocols based on mappings of finite sets
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:4,  18–28
V. S. Rublev, N. B. Chaplygina
The choice of optimisation criterion in the uniform assignment problem
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:4,  150–157
V. N. Salii
Optimization in Boolean-valued networks
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:1,  141–146
D. N. Semenovykh
A generalisation of quadratic residue codes to the case of cubic and biquadratic residues
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:4,  143–149
B. A. Sevast'yanov
Convergence in distribution of random mappings of finite sets to branching processes
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:1,  18–21
I. K. Sharankhaev, see N. A. Peryazev
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:2,  127–138
K. K. Shchukin
On an isomorphism of quasigroups
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:3,  109–111
A. M. Shoitov
The Poisson approximation for the number of matches of values of a discrete function from chains
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:2,  56–69
D. V. Shuvaev, see A. M. Zubkov
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:2,  3–18
M. A. Sidorov
The use of a hidden Markov field for the steganalysis of images
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:3,  89–104
V. I. Solodovnikov
Homomorphisms of binary shift registers
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:1,  73–88
S. A. Stepanov
A new class of nonlinear quinary codes
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:4,  7–17
M. I. Tikhomirova, V. P. Chistyakov
On some $\chi^2$-type statistics that depend functionally on estimators of unknown parameters
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:1,  22–34
A. N. Timashev
The law of large numbers for permanents of random matrices
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:4,  59–71
A. A. Voronenko
On the length of a checking sequence for repetition-free functions in the basis $\{0,1,&,\vee,\neg\}$
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:2,  139–143
A. A. Voronenko
The representability of a Boolean function by a repetition-free formula can be verified by a circuit of linear complexity
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:4,  111–115
A. L. Yakymiv
On the distribution of the $m$th maximal cycle lengths of random $A$-permutations
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:4,  40–58
A. M. Zubkov, D. V. Shuvaev
Calculation of moments of combinatorial statistics of symmetrically dependent random variables
Diskr. Mat., 2005, Volume 17:2,  3–18
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