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Author Index, 2008, Volume 20

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L. G. Babat, A. A. Fridman
Parallel embeddings of octahedral polyhedra
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:2,  122–159
V. N. Bezverkhnii, I. V. Dobrynina
A solution of the power conjugacy problem for words in the Coxeter groups of extra large type
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:3,  101–110
N. S. Bol'shakova
The intersection number of complete $r$-partite graphs
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:1,  70–79
V. A. Bondarenko, A. G. Brodskiy
On random 2-adjacent 0/1-polyhedra
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:1,  64–69
A. G. Brodskiy, see V. A. Bondarenko
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:1,  64–69
M. L. Buryakov
The relationship between the level of affinity and cryptographic parameters of Boolean functions
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:2,  3–14
M. L. Buryakov
Asymptotic bounds for the affinity level for almost all Boolean functions
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:3,  73–79
I. A. Cheplyukova, see Yu. L. Pavlov
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:3,  3–18
M. A. Cherepnev
A block algorithm of Lanczos type for solving sparse systems of linear equations
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:1,  145–150
A. N. Cherepov
Estimates of the complexity of approximation of continuous functions in some classes of determinate functions with delay
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:4,  147–156
D. Yu. Cherukhin
On complexity of linear operators on the class of circuits of depth 2
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:1,  109–119
S. E. Cherukhina
On complexity of realisation of a class of almost symmetric functions by formulas of depth 3
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:1,  120–130
I. V. Dobrynina, see V. N. Bezverkhnii
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:3,  101–110
V. A. Emelichev, K. G. Kuz'min
On stability of a vector combinatorial problem with MINMIN criteria
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:4,  3–7
A. A. Fridman, see L. G. Babat
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:2,  122–159
A. A. Frolov
Classification of indecomposable Abelian $(v,5)$-groups
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:1,  94–108
S. B. Gashkov, I. S. Sergeev
On design of circuits of logarithmic depth for inversion in finite fields
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:4,  8–28
Yu. G. Geras'kina
On start states of an automaton model of lung in pure environment
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:3,  119–135
A. A. Grusho, N. A. Grusho, E. E. Timonina
Theorems on the nonexistence of consistent sequences of criteria in some discrete problems
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:2,  25–31
N. A. Grusho, see A. A. Grusho
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:2,  25–31
G. I. Ivchenko, Yu. I. Medvedev
Random polynomials over a finite field
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:1,  3–24
O. V. Kamlovskii
Estimates of the number of occurrences of vectors on cycles of linear recurring sequences over a finite field
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:4,  102–112
V. K. Kartashov
Independent systems of generators and the Hopf property for unary algebras
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:4,  79–84
V. E. Khachatryan, see R. I. Podlovchenko
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:2,  100–121
V. M. Khrapchenko
The fundamental difference between depth and delay
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:3,  51–72
E. V. Kostylev, V. A. Zakharov
On complexity of the anti-unification problem
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:1,  131–144
I. A. Kruglov
The Kloss convergence principle for products of random variables with values in a compact group and distributions determined by a Markov chain
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:1,  38–51
I. A. Kruglov
Letter to the editors
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:4,  157
V. I. Kruglov
Limit distributions of the number of vectors satisfying a linear relation
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:4,  120–135
K. G. Kuz'min, see V. A. Emelichev
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:4,  3–7
I. S. Lapshov
Dynamic databases with optimal in order time complexity
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:3,  89–100
O. A. Logachev
A lower bound for the affinity level for almost all Boolean functions
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:4,  85–88
G. A. Mailybaeva
The order of communication complexity of PIR-protocols
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:3,  136–146
A. I. Makosiy, A. V. Timofeenko
On Mazurov triples of the sporadic group $B$ and Hamiltonian cycles of the Cayley graph
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:1,  87–93
V. M. Maksimov
Finite probabilistic structures
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:3,  19–27
S. S. Marchenkov
The closure operator with the equality predicate branching on the set of partial Boolean functions
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:3,  80–88
Yu. I. Medvedev, see G. I. Ivchenko
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:1,  3–24
V. G. Mikhailov
On the asymptotic behaviour of the probability of existence of equivalent tuples with nontrivial structure in a random sequence
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:4,  113–119
V. V. Osokin
On the complexity of decoding Boolean cube splitting into cube faces
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:2,  46–62
Yu. L. Pavlov, I. A. Cheplyukova
Random graphs of Internet type and the generalised allocation scheme
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:3,  3–18
R. I. Podlovchenko, V. E. Khachatryan
Minimality and deadlockness of multitape automata
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:2,  100–121
V. B. Poplavskii
On ranks, Green classes, and the theory of determinants of Boolean matrices
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:4,  42–60
E. V. Sadovnik
Testing numbers of the form $N=2kp_1^{m_1}p_2^{m_2}\cdots p_n^{m_n}-1$ for primality
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:2,  15–24
S. N. Selezneva
On approximation with given accuracy of functions of $k$-valued logic by polynomials
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:2,  32–45
I. S. Sergeev, see S. B. Gashkov
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:4,  8–28
A. V. Shapovalov
Consistency and an algorithm recognising inconsistency of realisations of a system of random discrete equations with two-valued unknowns
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:3,  28–39
A. V. Shapovalov
Characteristics of random systems of linear equations over a finite field
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:4,  136–146
V. V. Shpakov, N. T. Vorob'ev
Local factorisations of nonlocal Fitting classes
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:3,  111–118
Yu. S. Shutkin
On the realisation of Boolean functions by informational graphs
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:4,  29–41
V. I. Solodovnikov
Homomorphisms of shift registers into linear automata
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:4,  89–101
M. I. Tikhomirova
Some characteristics of dependencies in discrete random sequences
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:1,  151–158
M. I. Tikhomirova
Limit distributions of the number of absent chains of identical outcomes
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:3,  40–46
A. N. Timashev
Random permutations with cycle lengths in a given finite set
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:1,  25–37
A. V. Timofeenko, see A. I. Makosiy
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:1,  87–93
E. E. Timonina, see A. A. Grusho
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:2,  25–31
A. A. Tuganbaev
Skew Laurent series rings and the maximum condition on right annihilators
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:1,  80–86
D. A. Tuganbaev
Malcev rings
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:2,  63–81
N. P. Varnovskii
Provable security of digital signatures in the tamper-proof device model
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:3,  147–159
V. A. Voblyi
On enumeration of labelled connected graphs by the number of cutpoints
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:1,  52–63
V. A. Voblyi
A simple upper bound for the number of spanning trees of regular graphs
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:3,  47–50
S. A. Volkov
Finite generability of some groups of recursive permutations
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:4,  61–78
N. T. Vorob'ev, see V. V. Shpakov
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:3,  111–118
D. V. Zaitsev
On the complexity of construction of complete and complete bipartite graphs
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:2,  82–99
V. A. Zakharov, see E. V. Kostylev
Diskr. Mat., 2008, Volume 20:1,  131–144
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