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Author Index, 2011, Volume 23

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M. B. Abrosimov
Minimal vertex extensions of directed stars
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:2,  93–102
S. V. Aleshin
Automaton representation of a free group
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:3,  32–56
S. V. Balakin, see L. Ya. Savel'ev
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:2,  76–92
M. A. Bashov
On minimisation of the double-sided shadow in the unit cube
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:4,  115–132
E. S. Bernikovich, Yu. L. Pavlov
On the maximum size of a tree in a random unlabelled unrooted forest
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:1,  3–20
Yu. A. Budnikov
An asymptotic upper bound for the chromatic index of random hypergraphs
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:3,  63–81
D. Yu. Cherukhin
Lower bounds for complexity of Boolean circuits of finite depth with arbitrary elements
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:4,  39–47
D. V. Chistikov
On the relationship between diagnostic and checking tests of the read-once functions
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:1,  46–50
V. P. Chistyakov
Asymptotic normality of the number of values of $m$-dependent random variables which occur a given number of times
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:2,  41–52
I. P. Chukhrov
On irredundant complexes of faces in the unit cube
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:1,  132–158
V. A. Emelichev, V. V. Korotkov
On the stability radius of an efficient solution of a multicriteria portfolio optimisation problem with the Savage criteria
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:4,  33–38
A. M. Gortsev, L. A. Nezhelskaya
An asynchronous double stochastic flow with initiation of superfluous events
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:2,  59–65
A. A. Grusho, E. E. Timonina
Prohibitions in discrete probabilistic statistical problems
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:2,  53–58
G. I. Ivchenko, M. V. Soboleva
Some nonequiprobable models of random permutations
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:3,  23–31
V. V. Korotkov, see V. A. Emelichev
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:4,  33–38
M. A. Korpacheva, M. M. Sorokina
The critical $\omega$-foliated $\tau$-closed formations of finite groups
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:1,  94–101
N. S. Kucherenko
Average complexity of searching for identical objects in random nonuniform databases
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:2,  129–158
V. L. Kurakin, V. V. Vyazovich
An algorithm for construction of the annihilator of a polylinear recurring sequence over a finite commutative ring
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:4,  134–157
A. S. Kuzmin, A. A. Nechaev
Reconstruction of a linear recurrence of maximal period over a Galois ring from its highest coordinate sequence
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:2,  3–31
N. T. Lupasço, N. I. Sandu
On the semigroups of endomorphisms of direct products of commutative Moufang loops
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:1,  84–93
N. T. Lupasço
On automorphisms of commutative Moufang loops
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:2,  108–114
A. A. Mastikhina
A criterion for a partial prediction of general regular superevents
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:4,  103–114
A. S. Meluzov
On construction of efficient algorithms for solving systems of polynomial Boolean equations by testing a part of variables
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:4,  66–79
A. A. Nechaev, see A. S. Kuz'min
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:2,  3–31
L. A. Nezhel'skaya, see A. M. Gortsev
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:2,  59–65
Yu. L. Pavlov, see E. S. Bernikovich
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:1,  3–20
O. N. Pereslavtseva
Calculation of the characteristic polynomial of a matrix
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:1,  28–45
V. B. Poplavskii
Minor rank, zeros of the determinant of a Boolean matrix, and their applications
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:3,  93–119
F. Z. Rakhmonov
On the singular series in the Waring–Goldbach problem with shifted primes
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:4,  3–32
A. B. Ramazanov
On stability of the gradient algorithm in convex discrete optimisation problems and related questions
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:3,  82–92
V. V. Rimatskii
On construction of an explicit basis for admissible inference rules of modal logics extending $S4.1$
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:4,  48–65
S. V. Rykov
On properties of the Klimov–Shamir generator of pseudorandom numbers
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:1,  51–71
N. I. Sandu, see N. T. Lupasço
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:1,  84–93
L. Ya. Savelyev, S. V. Balakin
A combinatorial approach to calculation of moments of characteristics of runs in ternary Markov sequences
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:2,  76–92
S. N. Selezneva
A fast algorithm for the construction of polynomials modulo $k$ for $k$-valued functions for composite $k$
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:3,  3–22
V. V. Semin
Investigation of the behaviour of triangulations on simplicial structures
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:1,  119–131
V. L. Shcherbina
A case of insolubility of the problem of equivalence of programs
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:1,  72–83
O. V. Shemyakina
On the mixing properties of operations in a finite field
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:2,  32–40
Yu. S. Shutkin
The best asymptotic representation of Boolean functions by information graphs
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:4,  80–102
S. V. Smyshlyaev
Boolean functions without prediction
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:1,  102–118
E. A. Snegova
A criterion for reducibility of the problem on dangerous closeness to one-dimensional interval search
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:3,  138–159
M. V. Soboleva, see G. I. Ivchenko
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:3,  23–31
M. M. Sorokina, see M. A. Korpacheva
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:1,  94–101
A. N. Timashov
Limit theorems for the joint distribution of component sizes of a random mapping with a known number of components
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:1,  21–27
A. N. Timashov
Asymptotic expansions for the distribution of the number of components in random mappings and partitions
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:2,  66–75
E. E. Timonina, see A. A. Grusho
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:2,  53–58
A. A. Tuganbaev
Rings over which all modules are completely integrally closed
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:3,  120–137
V. V. Vyazovich, see V. L. Kurakin
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:4,  134–157
D. V. Zakharova
Symmetric linear spaces of graphs
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:2,  103–107
V. A. Zamaraev
On estimation of the number of graphs in some hereditary classes
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:3,  57–62
D. N. Zhuk
The predicate method to construct the Post lattice
Diskr. Mat., 2011, Volume 23:2,  115–128
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