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Author Index, 2014, Volume 26

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V. I. Afanasyev
Functional limit theorems for high-level subcritical branching processes in random environment
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:2,  6–24
A. V. Akishin
On groups with automorphisms generating recurrent sequences of the maximal period
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:1,  3–9
A. V. Akishin
On groups of even orders with automorphisms generating recurrent sequences of the maximal period
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:4,  15–22
V. A. Avdeev
Stationary distribution of the player rating in the Elo model with one adversary
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:4,  3–14
M. A. Bashov, S. N. Selezneva
On the length of functions of $k$-valued logic in the class of polynomial normal forms modulo $k$
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  3–9
M. A. Borodin, I. V. Chizhov
Effective attack on the McEliece cryptosystem based on Reed–Muller codes
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:1,  10–20
A. V. Bukhman
Properties of polynomials of periodic functions and the complexity of periodicity detection by the Boolean function polynomial
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:1,  21–31
I. V. Cherednik
Nonnegative basis of a lattice
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  127–135
V. P. Chistyakov, see M. I. Tikhomirova
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:2,  143–158
V. P. Chistyakov
On the asymptotic normality of the number of empty cells in a scheme of group allocation of particles
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  136–143
I. V. Chizhov, see M. A. Borodin
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:1,  10–20
A. M. Chudnov
Weighing algorithms of classification and identification of situations
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:4,  119–134
P. S. Dergach
On uniqueness of alphabetical decoding of ø-regular languages
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:1,  32–48
D. V. Dmitrushchenkov
On large deviations of a branching process in random environments with immigration at moments of extinction
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:4,  36–42
E. E. Dyakonova
Branching processes in a Markov random environment
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  10–29
S. B. Gashkov
Arithmetic complexity of the Stirling transforms
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:4,  23–35
V. N. Goloshchapov, P. V. Roldugin
Properties of Boolean functions without three-argument implicents
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:2,  25–41
A. V. Ivanov, see P. V. Shnurkov
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:1,  143–154
G. V. Kalachev
Order of power of planar circuits implementing Boolean functions
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:1,  49–74
S. Yu. Katyshev, V. T. Markov, A. A. Nechaev
Application of non-associative groupoids to the realization of an open key distribution procedure
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  45–64
E. V. Khvorostyanskaya, see Yu. L. Pavlov
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  90–100
V. A. Kopyttsev, V. G. Mikhailov
An estimate of the approximation accuracy in B. A. Sevastyanov's limit theorem and its application in the problem of random inclusions
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:1,  75–84
S. D. Loshkarev
Calculating the number of solutions of a difference equation
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:2,  42–57
F. M. Malyshev
On the fraction of matrices with maximal additive complexity
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  76–78
A. I. Mamontov, D. G. Meshchaninov
The algorithm for completeness recognizing in function algebra $L(\mathbb Z)$
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:1,  85–95
V. T. Markov, see S. Yu. Katyshev
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  45–64
V. V. Mazalov, L. I. Trukhina
Generating functions and the Myerson vector in communication networks
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  65–75
D. G. Meshchaninov, see A. I. Mamontov
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:1,  85–95
N. M. Mezhennaya, V. G. Mikhailov
On frequencies of elements in multicyclic random sequence modulo 4
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:4,  51–58
V. G. Mikhailov, see V. A. Kopyttsev
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:1,  75–84
V. G. Mikhailov, A. M. Shoitov
On repetitions of long tuples in a Markov chain
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  79–89
V. G. Mikhailov, see N. M. Mezhennaya
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:4,  51–58
A. A. Nechaev, see S. Yu. Katyshev
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  45–64
V. I. Nozdrunov
An approach to the classification of Boolean bent functions of the nonlinearity degree 3
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:4,  59–65
D. V. Parkhomenko
Automata generated $p$-languages
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:1,  96–102
Yu. L. Pavlov, E. V. Hvorostyanskaya
On the maximum size of a tree in the Galton–Watson forest with a bounded number of vertices
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  90–100
E. M. Perper
Lower bounds of temporal and spatial complexity of the substring search problem
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:2,  58–70
A. A. Petyushko
On cardinality of bigram languages
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:2,  71–82
B. A. Pogorelov, M. A. Pudovkina
On the distance from permutations to the union of all imprimitive groups with identical parameters of imprimitivity systems
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:1,  103–117
K. A. Popkov
Fault detection and diagnostic tests for logic gates
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:2,  83–99
M. A. Pudovkina, see B. A. Pogorelov
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:1,  103–117
P. V. Roldugin, see V. N. Goloshchapov
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:2,  25–41
L. N. Romakina
Carpets on simple $4$-contours on the hyperbolic plane of positive curvature
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:1,  118–132
D. S. Romanov
Method of synthesis of easily testable circuits admitting single fault detection tests of constant length
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:2,  100–130
A. S. Rybakov
Positive integer solutions of systems of linear equations and polynomials of small weight divisible by $(1-x)^r$
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:2,  131–142
A. S. Rybkin
Investigation of the cryptosystem MST$_3$ based on a Suzuki 2-group
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:4,  66–90
S. Yu. Sadov
Asymptotically free action of permutation groups on subsets and multisets
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  101–120
V. G. Sargsyan
Asymptotics of the logarithm of the number of $(k,l)$-sum-free sets in an Abelian group
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:4,  91–99
S. N. Selezneva, see M. A. Bashov
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  3–9
S. N. Selezneva
Multiplicative complexity of some Boolean functions
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:4,  100–109
B. I. Selivanov, see A. M. Zubkov
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  30–44
A. A. Serov, see A. M. Zubkov
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:4,  43–50
N. A. Shchuchkin
The structure of finite abelian $n$-ary groups
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  144–159
P. V. Shnurkov, A. V. Ivanov
Analysis of a discrete semi-Markov model of continuous inventory control with periodic interruptions of consumption
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:1,  143–154
A. M. Shoitov, see V. G. Mikhailov
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  79–89
S. A. Stepanov
On the discrete logarithm problem
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:1,  133–142
M. I. Tikhomirova, V. P. Chistyakov
Asymptotic normality of numbers of non-occurring values of $m$-dependent random variables
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:2,  143–158
A. N. Timashev
On the probability of coincidence of cycle lengths for independent random permutations with given number of cycles
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:4,  110–118
L. I. Trukhina, see V. V. Mazalov
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  65–75
A. A. Tuganbaev
Characteristic submodules of injective modules over strongly prime rings
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  121–126
A. M. Zubkov, B. I. Selivanov
On a statistic for testing the homogeneity of polynomial samples
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:3,  30–44
A. M. Zubkov, A. A. Serov
Images of subset of finite set under iterations of random mappings
Diskr. Mat., 2014, Volume 26:4,  43–50
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