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Author Index, 2019, Volume 31

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V. I. Afanasyev
Functional limit theorem for the local time of stopped random walk
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:1,  7–20
V. I. Afanasyev
Two-sided problem for the random walk with bounded maximal increment
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:3,  3–16
A. V. Akishin
Group polynomials over rings
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  3–13
G. A. Bakai, A. V. Shklyaev
Large deviations of generalized renewal process
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:1,  21–55
A. V. Bistrigova
Attribute-efficient learning of Boolean functions from Post closed classes
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  34–56
Yu. V. Borodina
Easily testable circuits in Zhegalkin basis in the case of constant faults of type “1” at gate outputs
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  14–19
S. E. Bukhtoyarov, see V. A. Emelichev
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  20–33
D. A. Burov
Subgroups of direct products of groups invariant under the action of permutationson factors
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:4,  3–19
A. A. Chasovskikh
Maximum subclasses in classes of linear automata over finite fields
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:4,  88–101
I. V. Cherednik
Using binary operations to constructa transitive set of block transformations
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:3,  93–113
A. V. Cheremushkin
Post theorem for strongly dependent $n$-ary semigroups
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  152–157
V. P. Chistyakov, see B. I. Selivanov
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  143–151
S. A. Davydov, I. A. Kruglov
One way to construct differentially 4-uniform functions in $V_{m}$ for even $m$
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  69–76
E. E. D'yakonova, see V. A. Vatutin
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:3,  26–46
V. A. Emelichev, S. E. Bukhtoyarov
Investment Boolean problem with Savage risk criteria under uncertainty
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  20–33
È. È. Gasanov, see D. I. Vasilyev
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:1,  56–71
Ze Gu
Compositions of a numerical semigroup
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  77–83
Yu. S. Kharin, see V. A. Voloshko
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:1,  72–98
R. M. Kolpakov, M. A. Posypkin
Effective parallelization strategy for the solution of subset sum problems by the branch-and-bound method
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:4,  20–37
S. A. Komkov
On classes of functions of many-valued logic with minimal logarithmic growth rate
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:3,  47–57
D. A. Kravtsov, N. E. Krokhmal, D. A. Shabanov
Panchromatic colorings of random hypergraphs
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  84–113
N. E. Krokhmal, see D. A. Kravtsov
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  84–113
I. A. Kruglov, see S. A. Davydov
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  69–76
V. B. Kudryavtsev, see D. I. Vasilyev
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:1,  56–71
Y. Liu, see S. N. Selezneva
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:4,  53–69
S. A. Lozhkin, see V. V. Zhukov
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:1,  99–110
V. V. Mazalov, L. I. Trukhina
Letter to the editors
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  159
A. V. Menyachikhin
The limited deficit method and the construction problem of orthomorphisms and almost orthomorphisms of abelian groups
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:3,  58–77
N. M. Mezhennaya, V. G. Mikhailov
On the number of ones in outcome sequence of extended Pohl generator
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:1,  111–124
V. G. Mikhailov, see N. M. Mezhennaya
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:1,  111–124
V. O. Mironkin
Collisions and incidence of vertices and components in the graph of $k$-fold iteration of the uniform random mapping
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:4,  38–52
Yu. L. Pavlov
On the connectivity of configuration graphs
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  114–122
K. A. Popkov
On diagnostic tests of contact break for contact circuits
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  123–142
M. A. Posypkin, see R. M. Kolpakov
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:4,  20–37
P. V. Roldugin
Letter to the Editors
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:4,  128
S. N. Selezneva, Y. Liu
Learning monotone functions with one error correction
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:4,  53–69
B. I. Selivanov, V. P. Chistyakov
On the waiting times to repeated hits of cells by particles for the polynomial allocation scheme
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  143–151
D. A. Shabanov, see D. A. Kravtsov
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  84–113
A. V. Shklyaev, see G. A. Bakai
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:1,  21–55
A. V. Shklyaev
Large Deviations for Branching Processes in Random Environment. I
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:4,  102–115
V. A. Taimanov
On bases of closed classes of Boolean vector functions
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:3,  78–92
A. N. Timashev
Generalized allocation scheme with cell occupancies from a fixed finite set
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:1,  125–132
A. N. Timashev
Local limit theorems for the generalized scheme of allocation of particles into ordered cells
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:4,  70–87
L. I. Trukhina, see V. V. Mazalov
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  159
D. I. Vasilyev, È. È. Gasanov, V. B. Kudryavtsev
On stabilization of an automaton model of migration processes
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:1,  56–71
A. R. Vasin
Bounds on the frequencies of tuples on parts of the period of linear recurring sequences over Galois rings
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:2,  57–68
A. R. Vasin
Bounds on the discrepancy of linear recurring sequences over Galois rings
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:3,  17–25
V. A. Vatutin, E. E. D'yakonova
Multitype weakly subcritical branching processes in random environment
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:3,  26–46
V. A. Voloshko, Yu. S. Kharin
Semibinomial conditionally nonlinear autoregressive models of discrete random sequences: probabilistic properties and statistical parameter estimation
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:1,  72–98
A. L. Yakymiv
Asymptotics with remainder term for moments of the total cycle number of random $A$-permutation
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:3,  114–127
A. L. Yakymiv
Size distribution of the largest component of a random $A$-mapping
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:4,  116–127
A. D. Yashunskii
Convex algebras of probability distributions induced by finite associative rings
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:1,  133–142
V. V. Zhukov, S. A. Lozhkin
Asymptotically best method for synthesis of Boolean recursive circuits
Diskr. Mat., 2019, Volume 31:1,  99–110
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