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Author Index, 2020, Volume 32

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Yu. A. Demidovich
New lower bound for the minimal number of edges of simple uniform hypergraph without the property $B_k$
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:4,  10–37
G. V. Antyufeev
Diagnostic tests on shift faults with fixed filling vector
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:4,  3–9
G. A. Bakai, A. V. Shklyaev
Letter to the Editors
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:2,  122–123
M. A. Borodin, see I. V. Chizhov
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:1,  115–134
A. V. Chashkin
On the average complexity of Boolean functions with binomial distribution on the domain
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:3,  130–134
I. V. Cherednik
About applying binary operations for constructing a multiply transitive class of block transformations
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:2,  85–111
A. V. Cheremushkin
Medial strong dependance $n$-ary operations
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:2,  112–121
A. V. Cheremushkin
A letter to the Editor
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:3,  147
M. A. Cherepnev
Upper bound on the complexity of the discrete logarithm problem, including the complexity of the Diffie-Hellman problem
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:1,  110–114
I. V. Chizhov, M. A. Borodin
Hadamard products classification of subcodes of Reed–Muller codes codimension 1
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:1,  115–134
K. Yu. Denisov
On the asymptotics of local lower deviation probabilities for branching process in random environment with geometric distributions of descendants
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:3,  24–37
E. E. D'yakonova, see V. A. Vatutin
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:3,  3–23
S. Faruqi, S. Katre, M. Garg
Pseudo orthogonal Latin squares
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:3,  113–129
M. V. Filina, see A. M. Zubkov
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:4,  38–51
M. Garg, see S. Faruqi
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:3,  113–129
Ze Gu
On the numerical semigroup generated by $\{b^{n+1+i}+\frac{b^{n+i}-1}{b-1}\mid i\in\mathbb{N}\}$
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:2,  3–14
P. A. Irzhavski, Yu. L. Orlovich
Perfect matchings and $K_{1, p}$-restricted graphs
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:1,  27–50
S. A. Katre, see S. Faruqi
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:3,  113–129
S. A. Korneev
On the complexity of system of two monomials realization by composition circuits
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:2,  15–31
I. A. Kruglov
Ergodicity of probabilistic converter — series connection of two finite automata
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:3,  38–48
A. A. Makhnev, M. S. Nirova
On a distance-regular graphs with $c_2=2$
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:1,  74–80
D. S. Malyshev, see D. S. Taletskii
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:2,  71–84
F. M. Malyshev
Boolean analogues of Pascal triangle with the maximum possible number of ones
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:1,  51–59
F. M. Malyshev
Generalized de Bruijn graphs
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:4,  52–88
S. S. Marchenkov
On the action of implicative closure operator on the set of partial functions in many-valued logic
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:1,  60–73
M. S. Nirova, see A. A. Makhnev
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:1,  74–80
A. S. Okuneva, see A. A. Voronenko
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:1,  3–7
Yu. L. Orlovich, see P. A. Irzhavski
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:1,  27–50
K. A. Popkov
Bounds on Shannon functions of lengths of contact closure tests for contact circuits
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:3,  49–67
N. P. Red'kin
On complexity of realization of Boolean functions with the small number of ones
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:2,  32–43
N. P. Red'kin
Minimal contact circuits for characteristic functions of the spheres
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:3,  68–75
D. V. Ronzhin
On conditions of $A$-completeness for linear automata over dyadic rationals
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:2,  44–60
V. G. Ryabov
On the degree of restrictions of $q$-valued logic vector functions to linear manifolds
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:2,  61–70
V. G. Ryabov
On the approximation of restrictions of $q$-valued logic functions to linear manifolds by affine analogs
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:4,  89–102
M. P. Savelov
A family of asymptotically independent statistics in polynomial scheme containing the Pearson statistic
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:3,  76–84
M. P. Savelov
Group service system for three queues with balanced receipt of requests
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:4,  103–119
S. N. Selezneva
On multi-affine polynomials over a finite field
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:3,  85–97
I. S. Sergeev
On the complexity of monotone circuits for threshold symmetric Boolean functions
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:1,  81–109
A. A. Serov
Formulas for the numbers of sequences containing a given pattern a given number of times
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:4,  120–136
A. V. Shklyaev
Large Deviations for Branching Processes in Random Environment. II
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:1,  135–156
A. V. Shklyaev, see G. A. Bakai
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:2,  122–123
D. S. Taletskii, D. S. Malyshev
Trees with a given number of leaves and the maximum number of independent sets
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:2,  71–84
A. N. Timashev
Linear recurrence relations, power-series distributions and generalized scheme allocation
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:3,  98–112
V. A. Vatutin, E. E. D'yakonova
Properties of multitype subcritical branching processes in random environment
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:3,  3–23
A. A. Voronenko, A. S. Okuneva
Universal functions for linear functions depending on two variables
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:1,  3–7
A. L. Yakymiv
Variance of the Cycle Number in Random $A$-permutation
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:3,  135–146
D. V. Zakablukov
General Upper Bounds for Gate Complexity and Depth of Reversible Circuits Consisting of NOT, CNOT and 2-CNOT Gates
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:1,  8–26
A. M. Zubkov, M. V. Filina
Computing the distributions of statistics by means of Markov chains
Diskr. Mat., 2020, Volume 32:4,  38–51
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