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Author Index, 1971, Volume 10

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L. A. Balashov
Series in the Haar system
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:4,  369–374
M. A. Balitinov
Remarks on a stability problem
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:5,  533–536
L. F. Barannik
Exact projective representations of Abelian groups
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:3,  345–354
E. P. Baranovskii
Simplexes of $L$-subdivisions of Euclidean spaces
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:6,  659–670
K. M. Belov
Hyperbolic bendings of surfaces
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:4,  469–478
Yu. Ya. Belov, N. N. Yanenko
Influence of viscosity on the smoothness of solutions of incompletely parabolic systems
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:1,  93–99
V. S. Blinchevskii
Existence of a null Chaplygin approximation for a solution of the generalized Cauchy problem
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:4,  447–452
V. A. Bolgov
Absolute summability of orthogonal series by Hausdorff methods
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:5,  485–492
V. I. Burenkov
Formula for the differentiation of operator-valued functions depending on a parameter
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:2,  207–218
L. Kh. Burshtein
Roots of the equation $f(z)=\alpha f(a)$ for the class of typically-real functions
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:1,  41–52
V. I. Chaadaev
Finite unsolvable nonsimple $(A)$-groups
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:2,  163–168
V. A. Churkin
Matrix representation of Lie algebras over rings
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:6,  671–678
V. A. Dem'yanenko
Representation of numbers by irreducible binary cubic forms
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:1,  69–71
I. S. Dobrokhotov
Testing a complex linear hypothesis with unknown observation weights
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:4,  479–483
V. G. Doronin
Best one-sided approximation of certain classes of functions
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:6,  615–626
Yu. A. Drozd
Structure of genera of representations of nonsemisimple rings
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:1,  63–67
M. A. Dukhovnyi
An optimal problem in graph theory
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:3,  355–359
I. V. Evstigneev
Markov chains on a matrix group
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:2,  181–186
A. F. Filippov
The existence of solutions of generalized differential equations
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:3,  307–313
P. V. Galkin
On the modulus of continuity of the operator of best approximation in the space of continuous functions
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:6,  601–613
S. F. Gerasimov
Orthogonal bases for $L^p$ spaces
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:4,  375–385
V. È. Gheit
On the exactness of certain inequalities in approximation theory
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:5,  571–582
M. M. Gol'denberg
Finite 2-groups having invariant non-completely partitionable subgroups
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:2,  151–161
Zh. Goligo
$n$-Dimensional compact complex analytic manifolds having $n-1$ algebraically independent meromorphic functions
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:2,  145–149
B. E. Gopengauz
A generalization of the Schwarzian derivative and its applications
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:2,  229–238
V. V. Grushin
A differential equation without a solution
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:2,  125–128
A. B. Gulisashvili
Distribution functions and trigonometric series with monotonically decreasing coefficients
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:1,  3–10
S. M. Gusein-Zade
On the action of a circle on manifolds
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:5,  511–518
V. Ya. Gutlyanskii
A rotation theorem for the class of univalent $p$-symmetric functions
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:2,  239–242
V. A. Iskovskikh
A counterexample to the Hasse principle for a system of two quadratic forms in five variables
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:3,  253–257
I. Ivanova-Karatopraklieva
Nonrigidity of certain composite surfaces of revolution
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:3,  333–344
I. Ivanova-Karatopraklieva
Infinitely small bending slipping of component surfaces of revolution
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:5,  549–554
M. I. Kadets, M. G. Snobar
Some functionals over a compact Minkovskii space
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:4,  453–457
I. V. Kamenev
Some specifically nonlinear oscillation theorems
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:2,  129–134
A. M. Karminskii
Equivariant bordisms
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:5,  519–526
V. M. Khrapchenko
Method of determining lower bounds for the complexity of $P$-schemes
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:1,  83–92
A. G. Kisun'ko
Elliptic curves $x^3+y^3=D$
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:4,  407–414
L. F. Kondakova
Application of the large sieve to the solution of additive problems of mixed type
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:1,  73–81
B. I. Korenblum
An extremal property of outer functions
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:1,  53–56
N. P. Korneichuk
Diameters of classes of continuous functions in the $L_p$ space
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:5,  493–500
Yu. G. Kuritsyn, Yu. I. Petunin, E. M. Semenov
Chebyshev inequalities in symmetric spaces
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:2,  195–205
A. F. Leont'ev
Infinite-order differential equations with analytic solutions
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:3,  269–278
F. S. Lisin
Relation between approximations in the mean for analytic and for harmonic functions
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:6,  627–634
A. N. Livshits
Некоторые свойства гомологии $Y$-систем
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:5,  555–564
A. M. Lukatskii
Theorem concerning analytic continuation
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:1,  57–62
A. L. Lukov
Hilbert's boundary-value problem (with coefficients from the Wiener ring) for matrix-valued functions analytic in the unit disk
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:3,  279–286
K. N. Lungu
Best approximations by rational functions
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:1,  11–15
M. N. Marushin
A lemma due to Bernshtein for sums of dependent random variables
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:2,  187–194
M. A. Meletidi
Bases in the spaces $C$ and $L_p$
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:6,  635–640
A. I. Moskalenko
Central quotient groups
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:4,  427–436
A. A. Nechaev
On the structure of finite commutative rings with an identity
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:6,  679–688
E. M. Nikishin
Resonance theorems and functional series
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:5,  583–595
E. V. Oshman
A continuity criterion for metric projections in Banach spaces
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:4,  459–468
K. I. Oskolkov, S. B. Stechkin, S. A. Telyakovskii
Petr Vasil'evich Galkin
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:6,  597–600
V. I. Ovchinnikov
On a problem in the theory of nonlinear Fredholm operators
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:5,  541–549
I. N. Pak
Sums of series of Legendre polynomials
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:4,  387–398
R. D. Pavlov
On the group property recognition problem
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:2,  169–180
N. G. Perlova
Infinitesimal first- and second-order deformations of ribbed surfaces of revolution, preserving the normal curvature or geodesic torsion of the boundary parallel
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:2,  135–144
Yu. I. Petunin, see Yu. G. Kuritsyn
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:2,  195–205
V. V. Pospelov
A basis for the operational method of finding interpolation polynomials
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:2,  243–247
D. V. Prokhorov
A geometric property of functions starlike of order $\alpha$
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:3,  287–293
B. T. Rumov
Constructing block designs of elements or residue rings with a composite modulus
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:6,  649–658
V. I. Rybakov
On conditional mathematical expectations for functions integrable in the Pettis sense
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:5,  565–570
B. I. Selivanov
Generalization of the problem of the number of partitions of a finite set
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:3,  361–367
E. M. Semenov, see Yu. G. Kuritsyn
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:2,  195–205
V. A. Senderov
Operators, absolutely indefinitely bounded below, in spaces with indefinite metric
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:3,  301–305
Yu. N. Shakhov
Some bounds in the construction of Bernoulli-normal sequences of signs
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:5,  501–510
Ya. I. Shatyro
Smoothness of solutions of certain singular second-order equations
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:1,  101–111
A. A. Shmelev
A. O. Gel'fond's method in the theory of transcendental numbers
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:4,  415–426
V. S. Shul'man
The relation between lebesgue integrable and Birkhoff–Khinchin summable functions
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:2,  219–228
V. S. Shul'man
An example of a function which is Denjoy integrable but not Khinchin summable
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:3,  295–300
D. S. Sil'vestrov
Limit of a complex random function
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:1,  113–123
V. M. Sitnikov
Finite groups with $2$-closed or $2'$-closed centralizers of involutions
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:4,  437–446
M. G. Snobar, see M. I. Kadets
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:4,  453–457
S. B. Stechkin
Lucas's criterion for the primality of numbers of the form $N=h2^n-1$
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:3,  259–268
S. B. Stechkin, see K. I. Oskolkov
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:6,  597–600
È. A. Storozhenko
Imbedding in the class $e^L$
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:1,  17–24
F. A. Talalian
Limiting functions of series of functions
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:1,  25–32
P. M. Tamrazov
On the change in moduli under circular symmetrization
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:5,  527–532
S. A. Telyakovskii
Uniform-convergence factors for Fourier series of functions with a given modulus of continuity
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:1,  33–40
S. A. Telyakovskii, see K. I. Oskolkov
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:6,  597–600
T. S. Tol'skaya
Co-imaging rings
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:6,  689–700
Van Ny Kyong
Some continuous decompositions of the space $E^n$
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:3,  315–326
S. M. Vladimirova, see Yu. A. Volkov
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:3,  327–332
D. G. Vodovoz, M. G. Zaidenberg
On the number of generators in the algebra of continuous functions
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:5,  537–540
Yu. A. Volkov, S. M. Vladimirova
Isometric immersions of a Euclidean plane in Lobachevskii space
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:3,  327–332
N. N. Yanenko, see Yu. Ya. Belov
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:1,  93–99
P. G. Yurov
Asymptotic estimates of integral functions defined by canonical products
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:6,  641–648
M. G. Zaidenberg, see D. G. Vodovoz
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:5,  537–540
V. A. Zorich
Interdependence of a theorem of Koebe and a theorem of Caratheodory
Mat. Zametki, 1971, Volume 10:4,  399–406
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