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Mat. Zametki:

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Author Index, 1978, Volume 24

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L. A. Aksent'ev, Yu. E. Hohlov, E. A. Shirokova
Uniqueness of solution of the exterior inverse boundary-value problem
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  319–330
D. V. Alekseevskii, B. N. Kimel'fel'd
Classification of homogeneous conformally flat Riemannian manifolds
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:1,  103–110
N. N. Amosova
Probabilities of one-sided deviations of sums of independent random variables
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:1,  123–132
V. S. Anashin
Mixed identities in groups
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:1,  19–30
V. F. Babenko
Interpolation of continuous maps by piecewise-linear maps
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:1,  43–52
G. V. Babikov
Factorization of matrices over division rings and rings
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:1,  31–38
V. S. Balaganskii
Weak continuity of metric projection in Banach spaces
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:5,  649–660
G. A. Barsegyan
Distribution of the zeros of the imaginary parts of meromorphic functions
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  183–194
A. G. Baskakov
Spectral criteria for almost periodicity of solutions of functional equations
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  195–206
V. A. Belyaev
Grouped power series
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:1,  53–62
Yu. P. Blatinskii
Uniqueness classes of the solutions of Helmholtz's equation
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  207–216
G. G. Braichev, V. V. Morzhakov
Applicability of partial differential operators of infinite order
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  771–777
B. M. Bredikhin, T. I. Grishina
An elementary estimate of $G(n)$ in Waring's problem
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:1,  7–18
V. M. Bruk
Linear relations in a space of vector functions
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:4,  499–511
V. D. Burkov
Derivations of generalized quasimatrix rings
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:1,  111–122
V. S. Charin, see I. V. Protasov
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  383–390
A. M. Chebotarev
Representation of solution of the Schrödinger equation in the form of mathematical expectation of a functional of a transition process
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:5,  699–706
V. V. Chernikov, see P. I. Sizhuk
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:5,  679–686
E. M. Chirka
Analytic continuation of functions of several complex variables and its applications
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  433–443
L. V. Danilov
Rational approximations of some functions at rational points
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:4,  449–458
V. N. Demenko
Convergence of Fourier series with respect to Franklin orthonormal systems
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:4,  523–530
A. A. Dezin
Weak and strong extensions of differential operators
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:5,  687–698
S. Z. Dinkevich
Explicit quasispectral decompositions of certain types of matrices
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:5,  593–601
I. P. Doktorov
Finite groups with complemented normalizers of Sylow subgroups
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  149–159
A. Kh. Dolotkazin
Irreducible representations of a three-dimensional simple lie algebra of characteristic $p=2$
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  161–165
Yu. A. Drozd, V. M. Turchin
Locally conjugate rings
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  871–878
B. A. Efimov
Supercardinality of spaces associated with ultrafilters
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  279–288
O. V. Epifanov
The range of an operator of convolution type
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:1,  63–72
A. È. Eremenko
Set of asymptotic values of a meromorphic function of finite order
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  779–783
N. N. Frolov
Essential self-adjointness of an infinite-dimensional operator
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  241–248
L. I. Gal'chuk
Martingales from processes with independent increments
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:4,  571–581
V. M. Galkin
Finite distributive quasigroups
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:1,  39–41
D. F. Goguadze
The Lebesgue, Riesz, and Egorov theorems for nets
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  331–338
V. I. Gorbachuk, M. L. Gorbachuk
Dirichlet problem for an operator Sturm–Liouville equation
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  801–807
M. L. Gorbachuk, see V. I. Gorbachuk (Plyushcheva)
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  801–807
T. I. Grishina, see B. M. Bredikhin
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:1,  7–18
A. I. Gryuntal'
Existence of non-self-intersecting closed geodesic of general elliptic type on surfaces, close to a sphere
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  267–278
Yu. E. Hohlov, see L. A. Aksent'ev
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  319–330
G. U. Oganesyan
A class of semigroups with a decidable word problem
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  259–265
A. P. Il'inykh
Characterization of the simple O'Nan-Sims group in terms of the centralizer of a third-order element
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:4,  487–497
A. V. Ivanov
$\omega$-Divisible and $\omega$-flat modules
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  741–747
V. A. Ivanov
Dirichlet's theorem in the theory of diophantine approximations
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:4,  459–474
V. V. Kabanov
Intersections of Sylow 2-subgroups of finite groups
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:5,  615–619
S. I. Kalinin
Sufficient sets for entire functions of exponential type
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  839–846
A. A. Karatsuba
Asymptotics of an arithmetic sum
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  737–740
N. N. Katerinochkina
Sets containing a maximal number of pairwise incomparable $n$-dimensional $k$-ary sets
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  367–374
B. N. Kimel'fel'd, see D. V. Alekseevskii
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:1,  103–110
V. P. Klassen
Structure of subgroups with an identity in groups with a small degree of overlap of defining words
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  305–314
L. B. Klebanov
Characterization of distributions by a property of modified $\chi^2$-statistic
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:4,  583–588
V. S. Klimov
Smoothness of solutions of one-dimensional variational problems
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  249–258
L. M. Koganov, see N. Ya. Vilenkin
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  295–299
V. F. Kolchin
Moment of degeneration of a branching process and height of a random tree
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  859–870
I. F. Krasichkov-Ternovskii
A geometric lemma useful in the theory of entire functions and Levinson-type theorems
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:4,  531–546
A. F. Krasnikov
Generators of the group $F/[N,N]$
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  167–173
È. M. Kudlaev
Integral representation related to matching of two samples
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  809–817
G. P. Kykin
Bases of a free Lie algebra
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  375–382
S. A. Liber
Free compact lattices
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:5,  621–627
A. A. Ligun
An inequality for splines of minimum deficiency
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:4,  547–552
A. A. Ligun
Best quadrature formulas for certain classes of periodic functions
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:5,  661–669
A. A. Ligun
Some inequalities between best approximations and moduli of continuity in an $L_2$ space
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  785–792
V. A. Lipnitskii
Triviality of the reduced Whitehead group over certain fields
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:5,  629–640
S. A. Malyugin
Functions with a constant integral on congruent cubes
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  339–341
A. R. Mirotin, V. V. Mukhin
Invariant measures, extended from a semigroup to the group of its quotients
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  819–828
V. V. Morzhakov, see G. G. Braichev
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  771–777
A. I. Moskalenko
Splitting length of an Abelian group
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  749–762
V. V. Mukhin, see A. R. Mirotin
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  819–828
V. V. Napalkov
Operators, commuting with differentiation, in spaces of functions of several variables
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  829–838
S. M. Nikol'skii
Integral representations of functions and imbedding theory
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  415–424
A. I. Perov
Potential operators
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  793–799
Ya. B. Pesin
Equations for the entropy of a geodesic flow on a compact Riemannian manifold without conjugate points
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:4,  553–570
S. A. Pichugov
Approximation of continuous functions on a segment by linear methods
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  343–348
V. V. Proizvolov
Letter to the editors
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  300
D. V. Prokhorov
Integrals from univalent functions
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:5,  671–678
I. V. Protasov, V. S. Charin
Projections of topological groups
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  383–390
I. V. Protasov
Projections of zero-dimensional nilpotent groups
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:5,  717–722
B. A. Rogozin, M. S. Sgibnev
Maximal ideals of Banach algebras of measures on the real line
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  315–318
V. G. Romanov
A statement of the converse problem for first-order symmetric hyperbolic systems
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  231–236
V. G. Romanov
Uniqueness of the solution of an inverse problem for first-order hyperbolic systems
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  359–365
L. V. Rozovskii
A lower bound of the remainder term in the central limit theorem
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  403–410
E. A. Sergeev
Integral base of purely cubic extensions of one-class quadratic fields of algebraic numbers
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  175–181
M. S. Sgibnev, see B. A. Rogozin
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  315–318
T. O. Shaposhnikova
Gridpoint approximation of solutions of degenerating second-order ordinary differential equations
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:1,  95–101
L. G. Sharaburova, Yu. A. Shashkin
Intersections of convex cones
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  391–402
Yu. A. Shashkin, see L. G. Sharaburova
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  391–402
E. A. Shirokova, see L. A. Aksent'ev
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  319–330
A. I. Shkuratskii
The problem of generation of free groups by two unitary triangular matrices
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  411–414
È. È. Shnol'
Degeneracy in the simplest problem of variational calculus
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:5,  707–716
I. E. Shparlinski
Distribution of nonresidues and primitive roots in recurrent sequences
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:5,  603–613
M. G. Shur
Ergodicity echo for parts of recurrent processes
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:1,  133–140
S. O. Sinanyan
Completeness of polynomials in an $L^p$ space
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:1,  73–83
P. I. Sizhuk, V. V. Chernikov
Coefficients of $\alpha$-convex functions of order $\beta$
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:5,  679–686
V. A. Smirnov
Twisted Cartesian products
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:5,  723–732
Yu. V. Sosnovskii
Commutator structure of symplectic groups
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:5,  641–648
S. A. Stepanov
An elementary method in algebraic number theory
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  425–431
É. A. Storozhenko
Imbedding theorems for derivatives of a class of functions
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:1,  85–94
S. O. Strygina
Note on the convergence of the finite-difference method for nonlinear boundary-value problems
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  237–240
S. F. Tsvid
A countable strongly unicoherent space
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  289–294
V. M. Turchin, see Yu. A. Drozd
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  871–878
S. A. Tyurin
Classification of deformations of a special Lie algebra of Cartan type
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  847–857
V. I. Ushakov
Algebraically compact groups
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  763–770
N. Ya. Vilenkin, L. M. Koganov
Combinatorial proof of certain identities
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  295–299
L. P. Vlasov
Properties of generalized elements of best approximation
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:4,  513–522
S. M. Voronin
Analytic properties of Dirichlet generating functions of arithmetic objects
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:6,  879–884
A. E. Zernov
Solutions of a system of singular differential equations which is partially solved with respect to the derivatives
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:3,  349–357
A. V. Zhozhikashvilvi
Equivalence of categories of affine modules
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:4,  475–486
V. M. Zubov
Closure property of the generalized Green's matrices of linear differential operators
Mat. Zametki, 1978, Volume 24:2,  217–229
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